Are you an empath?

Maybe you think you could be?

Maybe you often feel like you’re empathically feeling your way through the world, yet at other times it’s your left brain firmly taking control? Does that still make you an empath (clue: Yep, even empaths have a logical side!)


But …What IS an empath?

An empath is a highly sensitive person.

This is a person who is naturally tuned into the energy and emotions which exist outside of their own energy fields (usually being emitted by other people and places). But an empath isn’t just getting a sense, or a cognitive understanding of some other person’s feelings. An empath actually absorbs those feelings into their own energy body (and sometimes even their physical body) and experiences them as though they were their own. 

But did you know there are actually many different kinds of empaths, all with individual differences, abilities, strengths, and sensitivities? Some empaths are emotionally attuned to people, some to places, animals or plants. And certain people, often healers, are actually medical empaths whose empathic awareness occurs in their own bodies?!

If you’re curious about your empathic abilities, then this quiz is for you!

Simply go through the questions below, answer each one in turn as honestly as you can, and we’ll reveal what kind of empath you are!

…Oh, and don’t forget to share your results with us in the comments below!

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