We have all heard about the ascension, but do we really know what it is is or how to achieve it?

I first became aware of this transition into a golden age when I was only sixteen. My Mum had a ‘spiritual’ friend called Margaret and she would often talk about the relevance of the numbers 11:11 and what it meant if you would notice them repetitively.

Being such a sensitive adolescent, I was aware of this numerical phenomena but hadn’t given it must attention. However, after seeing David Ike speaking at Teeside University back in the late 80’s, I was convinced that there was more to these theories than mere speculation. My adventure on the road less traveled had begun.

Over the years, my understanding of the ascension has evolved as new information has become available. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to fully comprehend that this is a journey to be experienced through every cell of your body and transmutes any prior beliefs you have held about yourself.

What is the ascension?

Fundamentally, we are all living through a very important time on this planet. We are transitioning into what is known as the ‘Golden Age of Aquarius’ and evolving into light-beings. Fortunately, we have decided to take our physical bodies with us so we can experience heaven on Earth. As we remember our soul origin and confront our shadows, we take one more golden step each day into love, authenticity and joy. It is a process that can not be rushed. It has to be felt through the realm of your heart as your DNA transforms from a carbon to a crystalline structure. This ripples out to create a new global awareness, raising the vibration of the planet as we shed toxic frequencies from our cellular memory.

Many of us are unconscious that we are even on this merry-go-round, still believing the illusion of a 3-dimensional existence. However, we are all in this together. We are all fractions of the same iridescent mirror trying to find our way home to a light source far brighter than the Sun. When cracks appear in the mirror, we must build a bridge so we can glide effortlessly towards this blissful future.

The ascension journey is one of consciousness, of awareness, of opening. It is a journey of expansion, evolution and unfolding.

There are 7 phases to this process and we can get stuck at various points along the way as life unfolds around us.

Your subconscious mind understands the language of light and will guide you past these blocks on the road. Please take a moment to connect with the seven Golden Gaia bottles and observe which ones are resonating within your body, highlighting where you may have come off the path to the brighter future your soul craves…


If you have chosen bottle number 1, you have selected Faith. This light is turquoise and gold and indicates a state of faith. Perhaps you feel disconnected from your authentic golden Divine power through a lack of turquoise faith?

The turquoise over gold reconnects you to the flow and the trust that your life is on track and part of the Divine plan. It takes you beyond trust, and into the truth that you are Divine and that everything you have experienced is perfect.

This color combination suggests that you may be a teacher of the ancient truths in a modern way. Have faith that you are able to access the information of the past in a new way. How do you live your faith? You live your faith by choosing it, consciously, all the time. You live it by asking yourself in each moment, how would it look if you were in faith.


If you have chosen bottle number 2, you have chosen Impeccability. This light is blue-lilac and gold and indicates a state of impeccability. The blue/lilac asks you to notice where you are not speaking from your Spirit and to be vigilant of your words. They have to be impeccable – you cannot use your words to manipulate or hurt others.

Remember to speak with incredible integrity as you know that everything you say will manifest. This bottle will generate peace and create the silence and the stillness where inspiration is sparked.

You may want to constantly remind yourself of the perfection that you are. Be compassionate with yourself and align with your greater truth and higher light. Venture into your silent mind and listen for the voice of inspiration.


If you have chosen bottle number 3, you have selected Generosity. This light is coral and gold and indicates a state of generosity.

The coral is unconditional self-acceptance and the pale gold is our connection to your authentic Divine selves. Where are you not fully accepting yourself as being perfectly aligned with your Divine self? Are you resonating a lack of abundance, love, joy and generosity? Imagine yourself as a part of the Divine’s perfection and know that you deserve everything so that you can generously share all of it.

By choosing to love and accept yourself you will joyfully create your own reality. Return to faith and know that there is always enough and that you are enough. Give and receive generously knowing that what affects one, affects all.


If you chose bottle number 4, you have selected I AM. This light is gold over gold and indicates a state of I Am-ness.

It is time to let go of all the beliefs that still say “I am not”.  Are you ready to claim yourself as part of the Divine? Do you believe the Divine is within and you are that? Your addictions are the things that keep you small and keep you feeling separate from your Divine self. This bottle will support you in releasing fear and the separating influence of addiction.

When you claim back your true authentic power, you can be free of the addictions and be fearless. Consciously choose to be yourself every moment and unleash a broader awareness of your soul truth.


If you choose bottle number 5, you have selected Grace. This light is pink and gold and indicates that only love exists and that your experiences were chosen by you as an expression of Divine love. Move into grace, forgive yourself and let go of guilt. You are a Divine expression experiencing life on a soul contract.

These colors suggest a rebirth without the trauma of death. You gently rebirth into your truth and remember that the Divine is love and that you are that too, and the true power that creates everything is love.

Take time every day to remember something amazing about yourself and write it in a journal. Honor your creative intuitive vision and surrender each moment to the Divine.

Ascension Light

If you chose bottle number 6, you have selected Ascension Light. This bottle is about the intensification of the light in you and in everything. With the colors white and gold, you can also shine this brightly.

Ascension occurs when you realize that you are a light body in physical form and that reality is merely an illusion. Have you forgotten that everything is illusionary? Make a conscious choice to see yourself and all others as perfect expressions of Divine light.


If you chose bottle number 7, you have selected Satori. This light is magenta and gold and makes your connection with your Divine-self a solid reality. The truth reverberates into your cells that you are already living heaven on Earth. This is the state of Satori. Have you forgotten the awe, mystery and magic of life? Adore each moment and rejoice in the simplicity of life to experience enlightenment.

I hope that the colors you selected will provide you with a new level of awareness to how far you have traveled along this golden road and offer you tools to navigate around the roadblocks that prevent you from arriving at the Emerald City.

Please let me know what bottle/bottles you were drawn to and how you may use this wisdom to guide you home…