Welcome to the first installment of What’s In Your Spiritual Toolkit!

In this series, we’ll be taking a glimpse inside the spiritual toolkits of some of your favorite numerologists, astrologists and divination experts to give you a behind the scenes look into their personal practices and rituals.

Here, you will discover all the essential tools and devices you need to kickstart your own spiritual practice!

In this episode, we’re joined by Patricia Missakian, the founder of the Akashic Record Institute. Aside from being a regular contributor here on Numerologist, Patricia is also an international Akashic Records mentor who helps people learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. 

Patricia’s spiritual toolkit is filled with items that help her unlock her potential and empower her life. Are you ready to take a peek inside?

Let’s dive in!



1. You Got This! Connect With Your Goals Through Journalling

PinFor Patricia, a journal or diary is an essential item in her personal spiritual toolkit. If you need a little extra motivation, grab yourself a journal with a fun design or affirmation on the cover – like Patricia!

As Patricia mentions, journaling is a great way to kickstart the day as this is an opportunity for you to sort out your priorities and take note of anything you want to accomplish.

As part of her process, Patricia asks herself “what are 3 things I am working towards?” and uses this question as a guide to map out her goals. To help connect with these goals, Patricia performs both a daytime and nighttime journaling ritual, which you can discover if you tune into the video.

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2. Raise Your Vibration With This Crystal-Infused Water Bottle


Throughout the day, Patricia drinks from a water bottle that is infused with a clear crystal. This crystal is infused with a potent vibration that allows Patricia to align with her goals and her own sacred energy. 

You can purchase your own Crystal-Infused Water Bottle from Amazon, $29.99

3. Find Clarity Using Sacred Crystals Oracle Deck

PinNeed help making an important decision? Feeling unsure? Well, not to worry! Patricia has a little tip that will help you find clarity.

Each night, before bed, Patricia takes a card from her Sacred Crystals Oracle Deck and places it on top of her crystal-infused water bottle, without revealing the card’s message. Through the night, the energy of the card infuses with the water to help you align with the message that you need to receive right now.

You can purchase Patricia’s Sacred Crystal Codes Deck from Esty

4. Call on the Akashic Realm Messengers for Divine Wisdom and Guidance


For Patricia, her Akashic Realm Messenger Deck is an important ally on her spiritual journey.

Comprised of 44 Akashic messengers, this card deck will help you delve deeper into your Akashic Records and uncover the sacred origin of your soul. Think of each messenger as a member of your own spiritual support team as they help you navigate your path in life.

You can purchase Patricia’s Akashic Realm Messengers deck from Etsy 


5. Prop up Your Oracle Cards in an Altar Card Holder


In her toolkit, Patricia carries a cardholder that draws on the energy of Elock Eliak – the Guardian of the Akashic Realm. Drawing on the higher vibration of Elock, this item will help you to align with the card that is placed on the holder.

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6. Level up Your Energy With Lemurian Crystals for Powerful Healing and Dream Work


For Patricia, Lemurian crystals are essential to her spiritual practice.

Patricia uses her Lemurian crystals to both channel her healing guides as well as to supercharge her energy levels during meditation.

You can purchase a set of Lemurian Crystals from Amazon, $13.99

Did you find any tools that you piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments what items will you be adding to your personal toolkit!

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