What Is The Inner Child?

The inner child possesses very deep emotional and psychological wounds which can keep a mature adult stuck on their path to an enriching and rewarding life.

Fear, sadness, shame, guilt and many other raw emotions become destructive weapons that can make you isolate yourself from the external world.

You may believe that you are not good enough or that you are unlovable for multiple reasons. The aspect of us that feels this doubt and fear and wants to run away and hide is ‘Wounded Inner Child’.

The inner child wants to be seen and heard, wants to be adored and wants to be accepted and included. The key point to remember is that this child is actually just a memory within the personality of the adult. They are merely an accumulation of misunderstandings, of traumatic experiences and deep sorrow experienced when you were a child.

How To Recognize Them

There are many emotional and psychological patterns that emerge from the depths of the subconscious mind when the inner child is at play. If you recognize any of these then you will most certainly benefit from transformational color therapy to help you relax, release and reset.

1. Damaged Goods

You feel deeply that there’s something wrong with you and that other people can see it a mile off. You tend to be highly self-critical fro being inadequate as either a man or a woman.

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2. Fear Of Abandonment

Your deepest fear is being abandoned and you’ll do anything to hold onto a relationship.

3. Trust Issues

You distrust everyone, including yourself. You are afraid of people and tend to avoid them.

4. Guilt-Ridden

You consider yourself a terrible sinner and are afraid of going to hell. You feel guilty standing up for yourself.


5. Anxiety Attacks

You get anxious when either thinking about starting a new project or venture or even meeting new people.

6. Parental Disharmony

You never really felt close to one or both of your parents. Perhaps you clashed or you found it difficult being around them.

7. Over Achiever

You are extremely rigid and a perfectionist. It is likely that you are driven to do better than everyone else.

8. Emotional Suppression

You feel ashamed of expressing strong emotions such as sadness or anger.

You rarely get mad, but when you do, watch out, you become full of rage.

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9. Body Shame

You have sex when you don’t really want to so tend to forge sexual play. You may be ashamed of your body parts and functions.

10. People Pleasing Wall Flower

You spend far too much time pleasing other people at the detriment of your own needs. You lack a strong identity and prefer to dwell in the background.

11. Rebel Without A Cause

You can be extremely rebellious and get kicks from being in conflict with others.

12. Addictive Tendencies

You may have been obsessed or addicted to something in the past or have an addiction now that you are finding difficult to release.

13. Dutiful Fool

You feel more responsible for others than for yourself. You carry this weight of responsibility around with you like a heavy suitcase.

14. Horrendous Hoarder

You tend to have trouble letting go of anything so items can start to pile up around your home.

15. Poor Perseverance

You have trouble starting or finishing anything. Always looking for ways of putting things off or not completing what you have started.

Enjoy the Lilac Angel Meditation to help you to relax, release and reset.

Which traits can you identify with? Please leave a few comments below.