Energy Vampires… ugh! We all know one, am I right? Those people who come around and seemingly suck ALL of the energy out of you… leaving you feeling completely drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, and depressed (wait, so is 2020 an energy vampire, or?…)

Energy Vampires can be anyone in your life… Your spouse, boss, neighbor, bestie, or even your mother-in-law (definitely your mother-in-law).

These emotionally immature individuals often lack empathy and will, in the best-case scenario, leave you feeling drained. And in the worst-case scenario, they’ll leave you feeling insecure and questioning your self-worth.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Say goodbye to the suckers in your life, and protect your energy with these 13 ultra-protective things.

1. White Sage Spray

Because it’s not always realistic (or socially acceptable) to walk around with a smudge stick… This organic white sage spray will help you get the job done anywhere, anytime. And BONUS: each bottle is charged under the Full Moon, for an extra energy boost.

What the reviews say: “WOW, I am actually amazed with this product. It definitely works as mentioned in the description, remember now to spray on your clothes and on your face but you CAN spray anywhere ( car, house, ) The smell is decent, not too strong, its the smell of earth, love it, a really good use for meditation. If you feel stressed, good opportunity to spray on your self for positive mind and thinking and will prevent from overanalyzing and overthinking too much. Definitely would recommend and definitely will buy another bottle after empty.”

2. Palo Santo Bracelet

Another way to ensure your energy is being protected wherever you go. This Palo Santo bracelet is lovingly crafted and charged with Reiki energy to keep your energy positive, and your life full of love, good luck, and joy. I’ll take two, please.

What the reviews say: “Stephanie makes not only the most beautiful, personalized creations but all her products come with detailed information about the gemstones used and their special abilities. I bought the Palo Santo bracelet for myself and one as a gift for a dear friend. It is beautiful and has a very pleasant scent. I almost feel as if I am in a bubble surrounded by a “force field” that will keep all negativity away!!!”


3. Pure Synergy Organic Superfood

Protect your energy from the inside out, with this USDA organic supplement that contains over 60 superfoods… including aquatic greens, grass juices, fruits & veggies, mushrooms, herbal extracts, and sprouts. This has all of the good stuff, and none of the bad stuff… so it’s sure to keep your body, mind, and soul in tip-top shape. You’ll be ready to ward off any and all energy-suckers that you encounter.

What the reviews say: “It works good in smoothie drinks, and one does not need to use much of it for effective results. Plenty of good nutrition chocked into just one or two teaspoon-fulls! If use too much, along with Synergy vitamins, may have loose plumbing, if you know what I mean. So, need to find the “balance” of just the right amount. Otherwise, it is chocked with many great nutrients for great energy! Probably my favorite smoothie “greens” have ever tried! I really like this company, anyway, and so far whatever have tried has been superior stuff!”

4. Eccolo World Traveler Journal

One of the best ways to protect, and recharge your energy, is to engage in a daily journaling practice. Journaling is an underrated act of self-care that provides a safe outlet to relieve stress and deal with overwhelming emotions, thoughts, or feelings. We love this journal’s lux feel and thoughtful binding, which allows for it lay completely flat when opened (no weird rounded page writing for us!)

What reviewers say: “Best journal ever. Flexible, lays flat, can be rolled up. The pages are large and I can write for days. I bought this journal in March of 2014, and it is still my favorite. I now have a few different journals that are just link this one. This gray, one with a green cover and one with a black cover. Seriously obsessed. I am writing this review because I have filled this journal and I am wanting to purchase another one. I am really pleased!”

You’ve probably heard that salt lamps purify the air, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality… but did you know that they can actually help with energy levels too? It’s believed that positive ions reduce energy levels, and therefore the negative ions from a salt lamp can help to restore energy levels. Keep one in every room and never worry about energy depletion again.

What reviewers say: “Larger than I thought. The brightness is adjustable, which is very convenient. I usually spend an hour listening to audiobooks before go to sleep, the light through the salt lamp helps me relax.”


6. Wireless Earbuds

Let’s be 100% real here, sometimes people just can’t take a hint. If you’ve done all you can to *nicely* hint that you need space, then you might need to be a little more… blunt. There’s no better way to signal that you’re done listening, than to put in some earbuds and tune out. These wireless earbuds are equipped with 4 mics, noise reduction, and are even waterproof! Keep them handy for whenever you sense a low vibrational person approaching!

What reviewers say: “It is actually my very first time to use wireless earphones. I was debating buying between iPod pro and iTeknic Bluetooth earbuds, and I am glad that I got iTeknic than iPod pro. Let me share what I have liked about the earbuds so far. I like their ease of use, ease of installation and paring, simple and chic design, and long battery life. The earbuds will last about 5 hours with a single charge and the charging case holds 25 hours to recharge your earbuds for about 5 times which is amazing. They fit neatly in your ear and they have 3 additional silicone ear tip sets so you can select optimal for your ears. I am not a guru of sound, so I couldn’t really distinguish if these earbuds had better bass performance or equalizer than other earbuds on the market, but they sound clear and present overall. In addition to this, now that we have to wear masks at all times due to the pandemic, wireless earbuds allow me to exercise and to listen to music without going through the hassle of organizing wire behind my neck and masks. I highly recommend these earbuds!”


7. The Empath’s Survival Guide

Highly sensitive people, or Empaths, fall victim to energy vampires more often than not. That’s because as an Empath, you are literally feeling the emotions, energy, and even physical symptoms of the people around you. Combine that with a person who brings little or negative energy to the table, and you’ll get depleted… and quick! This survival guide gives life strategies for sensitive people, helping you to identify toxic behavior and giving you the practical tools to help you prevent it.

What reviewers say: “I have been a fan of Dr. Orloff’s since l read “Second Sight” where I learned about being an Empath. From there, I discovered I was an HSP (Highly Sensitive Personality). I have always been told that I am too sensitive and that I need to grow a thicker skin. I had a friend that would become annoyed when I turned away from roadkill. She insisted that I send blessings. It was more than just the sight of the animal, but the fact I could feel everything in my body. As Dr. Orloff writes, “Empaths, however, take the experience of highly sensitive person further. We can sense subtle energy, which is called Shakti or Prana in Eastern healing traditions, and we absorb this energy into our own bodies. I have also been told, at times, I am a hypochondriac. Judith does a beautiful job of explaining why Empaths feel as we do. She gives mantras and activities to center and protect oneself throughout the book. I have read many books on Empaths, and Judith’s book feels like a warm, reassuring hug. I agree with Dr. Orloff that empaths have diverse and beautifully nuanced sensitivities. “The Empaths Survival Guide” is a refreshing read on the subject of Empaths”

8. FUN FACT t-shirt

What’s life without a little humor? Similar to the earbuds, this is more of a direct way of letting people know that you aren’t interested in an energy exchange. Are you joking? Are you serious? They’ll never know, because they’ll be keeping a safe distance (if they’re smart).


What reviewers say: “This shirts fits true to size. I always wear L and that’s what I bought. It is so comfy and so very soft! I wish there were other sayings. I would buy them all!”

9. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Practicing meditation and mindfulness is a fantastic way to combat energy vampires in your life. Take your practice to the next level with this beautiful singing bowl set that will enhance your practice, reduce stress, and promote spiritual healing. It’s small size makes it ideal to take with you everywhere you go!

What reviewers say: “Beautifully crafted for a modest price. This authentic, hand-hammered, Tibetan singing bowl produces a strong vibration and warm tone to help center and enrich your life. I am very pleased with the packaging, production and results, and you should be too. The premise of the singing bowl is to induce Theta brain waves. Theta waves are that in-between state of light sleeping, hypnosis and lucid dreaming, and of course meditation. The bottom line is, this instrument does work when used frequently with your meditation practices. Best of all, you won’t break the bank buying it, it is handcrafted and durable, and the one I received was smooth and thoughtfully constructed.”

10. When You Are Engulfed in Flames

Sometimes you just can’t escape the energy sucking reality of the world we live in… Well, not physically anyway. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t escape mentally, and in my opinion, there’s no better way to escape reality than to slip into a good book. And I’ll be honest… reading self-help books isn’t exactly my definition of an escape. David Sedaris’s books are a collection of witty, humorous, and strange essays to make you laugh and relish in the everyday synchronicities of life.

What reviewers say: “I have read this at least three times. I love David Sedaris and will always buy everything he writes without a second thought. Few other things in my life have led to me laughing out loud in public or crying tears of joy. He is a genius.”

11. Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

Yep, you know this list wouldn’t be complete without a protective crystal thrown in. This Natural Himalayan Black Tourmaline Pendant is hand-made, charged, and ready to protect you from negative energy. Black Tourmaline is great for keeping your aura balanced, even in the presence of negative energies. And it’s also  believed to get rid of negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, and feelings of not being good enough. Take it with you everywhere you go for ultimate energy protection.

What reviewers say: “Top quality, thoughtful packaging, and great people putting their energy and passion for esoteric healing practices into the products. I bought this specifically because I’m highly sensitive to certain energies of people I have to work around. I’ll be curious to see if this helps combat certain negative people’s draining energy. Of course, I say protective prayers as well, but I was guided to this company’s gemstones almost effortlessly on a day when I was asking for divine help to deal with the funky energy of people I work around. I’ll keep everyone posted on the “experiment” and at the very least, it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry!”

12. Quarantine King Card Game

Stuck with a narcissistic in-law over the holidays? Or worse, do you live with an energy vampire all year round? When you can’t escape the energy vampires in your life, try keeping conversations light and airy – it’s less likely to drain your energy. My favorite way of keeping the mood light and fun is to play a board game the whole family can enjoy.  This is an easy to learn game that’s full of laughter, action, and strategy! And I love the clever (and fitting) theme!

What reviewers say: “We’ve been a game family for all my life, but quarantine time has pushed the limits on the more traditional options. Got recommended this from a friend, and love it. It’s simple to learn, and quick to play. It’s also sparked a lot of memories and stories from over the last couple of months. It feels a bit like a light-hearted souvenir to help us remember a bit of a stressful time”

13. My Pocket Mantras

When you unexpectedly encounter an energy drainer, it can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. A simple method to re-ground yourself  (and your energy) is to repeat a mantra. For example, when you feel a negative person sucking the energy from you, repeat the mantra “this energy is not my own”. It’s simple, but effective. My Pocket Mantra provides over 140 mantras designed to help you shift your mindset, release stress, and promote self-love, healing, and success. Trust me, you’ll want to keep this one handy at all times.

What reviewers say: “I really love this book. My therapist makes me repeat affirmations everyday, and this book steps up that game. It’s great how they have them split up in chapters and each mantra has a paragraph on how to say it and with intention. Took my affirmation level up a few notches. Love the morning and evening mantras.”


BONUS TIP: turn off your devices and say goodbye to toxic people

It’s not just people who are energy vampires… Wi-Fi, social media, TV and news can drain us from energy too.

2020 has been a HUGE year of learning for all of us.  And for most of us, that learning has come from a never-ending stream of mindless scrolling and downloading new information every second of the day.

There’s only so much information our minds can handle before we go into self-preservation mode. Do yourself a favor and make a conscious effort to unplug everyday… and spend that time doing something you enjoy instead.

Take a walk, meditate, dance, soak in a hot bath… whatever you do, do it fully and without distractions.

And where the real magic lies… cutting toxic people out of your life! I know, I know… it’s easier said than done, but when it comes to your life and your energy… YOU are in charge.

Don’t feel guilty about cutting ties with a friendship that’s no longer serving you, saying “no”, or setting boundaries. This is what will give you ultimate freedom from the energy vampires in your life… no fancy gadgets, tricks, or tools needed ????

Did we leave anything out? Comment below and tell us your favorite way to deal with Energy Vampires!


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Numerology nerds passionate about personal growth and spirituality! We’re a small team of numerologists, teachers, writers, and tech wizards who have come together to bring you the most accurate, powerful, and profound wisdom available in the world.

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