The “walk-in” experience is a form of soul exchange. It is where one soul leaves or “walks out” of the body, in an altered state of consciousness and is replaced by another developed soul that “walks into” that body with full recall of their memories.

This phenomenon is happening in larger quantities during this time because more Lightworkers and Starseeds wish to begin their soul mission in a body on Earth bypassing the need to spend 20-30 years of growth and development. This way they can assist the ascension process at a time that is critical in consciousness awakening.

If one soul wants to leave their human experience and agrees to give the body to another, a soul transference will occur. The most common reason for a soul to walk-out is the desire to cut their life short due to persistent suicidal feelings, an operation, trauma or that their life plan is complete.

A walk-in soul requires a functioning body so if someone wants to end their life, the soul is saved the need to inflict damage to their body in order to leave it. This is when the swop occurs, leaving a healthy body for the incoming soul.

The soul transfer is like a higher dimensional operation where the surgeons need to attach the incoming soul to the body mentally, emotionally and physically.

This exchange is made by the “walk-in” acquiring the lower three personality chakras of the “walk-out” while retaining their own upper four spiritual chakras.

The lower chakras must remain connected to the earth at all times for the body to survive. The heart, throat, third-eye and crown chakras are a person’s “divine core essence” which they carry between incarnations.

An agreement is negotiated on the higher planes between souls that allow the body to survive after the original soul has withdrawn. They may not be immediately aware of what has taken place when they awaken. It is likely that they will have memories of the original soul regardless of them being a brand new person.

This new soul is now linked to their new body by the silver cord, will begin to live the life planned before arriving. This can bring about sudden changes to their former life.

Here are 10 signs that you may have experienced a walk-in.

1. Memories Of Being Outside Of Your Body

You may have had a near-death experience and can remember being outside of your body or spending time in an altered dimension before waking.

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2. Miraculous Healing

You may have had a terminal disease, been in a coma or had a major operation and have miraculously survived and woken up healthy.

3. Memory Loss & Missing Time

You may be encountering periods of memory loss about parts of your life or missing time.

This happens because the body-mind is fully immersed in processing the “walk-in” integration and so can not cope with less important functions like recording new memories.

4. Feel & Think Differently

You may have returned feeling like a new person or you may believe different things about the world and have fresh values and ideals.

5. Personality Transplant

You may be experiencing a boost of new energy, confidence, clarity, purpose and direction. Those closest to you may be telling you that your behavior is totally different from the way it used to be.

Pin6. Disconnection From The Past

You may feel totally uninterested in everything and everyone you used to like. You might not understand the people who were closest to you before the event and they may feel like strangers to you.

Your life may have changed dramatically by means of a location change, career change, new friends and partner.

7. Fresh Purpose & Mission

You may have gone through a total change in what you want to do with your life and your time. This may manifest as new interests, hobbies and ideas for a career. New talents and abilities may have revealed themselves.

8. Identify As A Starseed Or Lightworker

You will see yourself as someone who has come to the planet to be of service to humanity and help raise global consciousness.

9. Lifestyle & Dietary Changes

You may not enjoy the same foods as you did before. Perhaps you prefer vegan options and are now steering clear of anything refined or processed.

10. Life Challenges

You may have experienced some difficult circumstances initially. There is always unfinished business from the walk-out that the walk-in must complete before they are free to live their own life. This can present itself as a series of problems to be rectified by the new soul.

Please leave a few comments below to let me know if you have experienced a walk-in and how it has changed your life.