So, You've Created an Omega Matrix - Now What?

While there are many techniques used to achieve success in this world, they all share one basic formula. Here it is:

Intention + Action = Results

This formula seems too simple to be the guiding principle used by all of the happy and successful people in the world, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look to understand why this works.

More clearly stated, the formula could be expressed as “your intentions or goals – good or bad – combined with the actions you take, produce the results you experience in life.” Remove either of the first two words -- INTENTION or ACTION -- and you will wind up with some very unpredictable outcomes.

Without an INTENTION or a goal in life, no amount of action on your part will produce a desired goal, whether it is a larger income or a more fulfilling relationship. You will certainly achieve some kind of result, since you are continually taking some action on a daily basis, but without a goal it is next to impossible to predict what that result will be. Remember always that if you don’t have a plan for how you will spend your life, someone else surely will, whether it is an employer, spouse or family member.

Even with the best intention in life, it is clear to see why the lack of ACTION will prevent you from achieving the result you seek. Results don’t just happen by themselves – you must expend both time and energy at some point if you expect to reach your goals. If you don’t believe this, try standing outside and waiting for your next rent check to fall out of the sky.

So what does all of this have to do with the Omega Matrix?

Simply this – the Omega Matrix is a way for you to put the formula into motion. By creating a Omega Matrix, you are taking your first forward step of stating your intention. Your intention may be to increase your income, improve your health or energize your relationships. Regardless of what your intention may be, it is helpful to write it down before you begin to create the Omega

Below your written intention, write the following:

“I am open and ready to consider suggestions and ideas that already exist somewhere in the Universe that will help me to achieve my goal.”

Naturally, you can use your own wording as well as change this to fit your own personal belief system, using any spiritual or philosophical concepts that you are comfortable with. The important part is that you consciously express your willingness to consider ideas that are already in existence somewhere in the abundant Universe we live in.

Having created the Omega Matrix, your next step is to concentrate on its unique numerological vibrations. This can be as simple as sitting quietly for a few minutes and gazing at the numbers on the Omega Matrix while you repeat your intention silently to yourself. This act of concentration will infuse the Omega Matrix with your personal energies, making it even more effective. The next step is to keep the Omega Matrix with you at all times. As mentioned earlier, some people carry their Omega Matrix in a small bag that is worn around the neck, but you could just as easily carry yours in your pocket, bag or wallet. It is better to carry it somewhere that you will run across it during the course of your daily activities, because this will help to remind you of your
goal, which will in turn help to bring about your desired outcome faster.

Within 24 to 48 hours of working with your Omega Matrix you will begin to receive thoughts and ideas that will help you toward your goal. These will come both from your own mind and the minds of those around you. Some people will have a dream that provides a hint or a clue to how they can achieve their desire. You may see a headline in a paper or hear something on the radio that seemingly has nothing to do with your own personal goal, but it will jog your thought process and act as a suggestion that will prove helpful to you.

You will be amazed the first couple of times this happens to you, but soon you will get used to it and actually look forward to the many interesting ways ideas are presented to you.

Important Warning!
Whatever you do, do NOT ignore these thoughts and ideas, no matter how weird or eccentric they may seem. To do so would be to short-circuit the entire creative process you have put into motion.

By ignoring the first few suggestions presented, you are virtually guaranteeing that you will receive no more ideas from the Universe, and once the ideas stop coming to you, your progress toward your goal will stop.

This is not to say that you must act on every thought, for some may Be entirely impractical, but it is essential that you work through each idea. It is said that Benjamin Franklin liked to fake a sheet of paper and list the good points of an idea on one side of the paper, and the had points on the other. By doing this, you will He able to get a clear picture of whether the idea will kelp you or not. Keep a list of all the ideas that come to you over time, and put them in order of practicality and importance.