It’s time to bust out your dancing shoes and open the confetti, because a celebration is in order…

Mercury goes direct on November 3rd

Which means the last Mercury Retrograde of 2020 is officially over.

If this planet’s seemingly backward motion has left you feeling like your brain is scrambled… you’re not alone.

Mercury Retrograde is notorious for messing with our minds and throwing a wrench into our communication, commerce, and transportation plans. It leaves us feeling stressed out, frazzled, frustrated, and just generally cabobbled

Despite our best efforts to minimize Mercury’s bad boy effects, we think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready to say “BYE FELICIA” to Mercury Rx season (and well, maybe all of 2020 in general).

So while we sit here, (waiting patiently?), for Mercury to regulate its damn orbit… I think we all deserve a little something special for surviving three Mercury retrogrades this year. 

Here are 5 things you NEED to celebrate the end of Mercury Retrograde. 


1. Otter Box Defender Case

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who dropped my phone approximately 27 times during Mercury Retrograde?! In hindsight, I guess that wasn’t the best time to remove my phone case, in favor of being able to fit my phone inside of my wallet… Well, lesson learned. I think I’ll celebrate with a new phone, and yeah, I’ll probs put a case on it this time.

Click here to get yours. 

What reviews say: The best rugged case for your smartphones that include a holster clip. Anyone that has small children or are hard on their phones this is the case to get. I’ve used defender cases the past several iPhones that I’ve had and they are well worth the money. Don’t wast your time looking a cheap knock offs because if you ever need support Otterbox provides excellent USA based / English speaking customer service.

Lastly I would like to point out that the lack of screen protector is a benefit in my opinion. I’ve always removed them from my previous Defender series cases without problems. I feel the air gap between the actual screen and the protector creates typos and poor Taptic feedback. The protectors also take on damage quickly being its only thin plastic so I’m thrilled to see that they no longer exist. I highly recommend this case!”

2. Treat Yo Self – Wine Goblet

I deserve it, you deserve it, we ALL deserve a nice big ‘ol glass of wine (or whiskey, or gin, or whatever your poison of choice). Okay, so technically “Treat yo self” day was October 13th… but that was the first day of Mercury Retrograde. So this year, we’re gonna celebrate immediately after Mercury Retrograde instead… So grab your favorite glass, and guzzle up buttercup.

Click here to get yours. 

What reviews say:This is a quality wine glass. I bought it as a gift for my friend because we both love the show Parks and Recreation and will often say the phrase “treat yo self.” I believe this will be a fantastic inside joke between us. She also loves wine, so it’s twice as great! The text quality looked amazing on the glass, and the best part – this is actual glass, not a hard plastic! It also has such a simple, classy look and feel. I know she will love it.”


3. Wireless Headphones Sleep Mask

Since we all avoided tech and travel at all costs during Mercury Rx, I’m pretty sure we’re craving some new tech, and it’s an added bonus if it’ll help us sleep. This rad sleep mask, not only blocks out light, but it’s also equipped with wireless Bluetooth speakers – so you can listen to music without uncomfortable ear pods or bulky headphones. Use it for sleep, mediation, or travel.


Click here to get yours. 

What reviews say:This was the perfect solution of being able to wear a sleeping mask and listen to my meditations while trying to sleep. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought this but it was better than expected since I was able to wash it before using it. You just have to take out the piece that connects the receiver and earphones together and it’s very easily removed and put back. I love how soft and plush the material is and I fall asleep with it quite easily while listening to my sleep meditations at nite. The sound quality is quite good. I don’t have to worry about listening to my phone on speaker anymore or wearing earbuds that will fall off my ears when I’m lying down. Wished I got this sooner.”


4. 7 Chakra Hanging Crystals 

Keep it in your car, for good luck wherever you go, or hang it in your house to create the ultimate Zen Den. This hanging crystal ornament incorporates crystals for all 7 chakras, bringing you good luck and balance to all aspects of your life (exactly what we need right now!)

Click here to get yours. 

What reviews say:These are exactly what I wanted. I am very into natural healings and have been having spiritual issues and been having difficulty sleeping/nightmares. I know that amethyst helps with this so I decided to purchase this. I keep it above my bed at night and carry it with me when away from home. I can just feel the protection it provides! I have slept so well since having this nor negative energies haven’t been bothering me as much. It’s also very well made and I’m not worried about the stones falling out or anything. It’s also beautiful and get compliments all the time, even by people who don’t know the purpose of it.”


5. You Are a Badass

And don’t you ever forget it. Listen, this year has been HARD. And I think we’ve all been a little too hard on ourselves… setting big expectations for ourselves, and then feeling endless guilt and shame for “letting ourselves down”. If you, like me, benefit from tough love and a no-bullshit approach to self-help…then this is the book for you. 2021, here we come. 



Click here to get yours. 

What reviews say:I love everything about this book. I’ve had my self doubt, depressed days, anxiety, struggled with obesity, lived paycheck to paycheck, and also had a time in my life I was just content and happy. It slipped away because I thought I had it all figured out. I didn’t, not really. This entire book tells the truth, you may not like it but it’s the real deal. I laughed, and nodded my head in agreement on many pages and can’t wait to buy and read it again. I gave my first copy to my mom when I was done. Words to live by…valuable for a husband, friend, sibling, anyone who is ready and eager to live a happy, fulfilling life.”


6. This Cute Travel Journal

With travel plans back on the agenda and Mercury playing nice again, a cute travel journal like this one is just what the Universe orders.

Click here to get yours. 

What reviews say: I bought this when we purchased our first camper this year. Man I wish I would have had this before that! There are so many little things you forget about the places you camp/visit, or where exactly it was, who you met, funny jokes that were told. This thing is perfect for all of it!! I also keep a little side note on the back of each page (open area for writing) of what I need to re-stock, remember to bring for next time, etc. LOVE THIS THING!! I’m purchasing more for christmas gifts this year!

Mercury Retrograde is no joke, and to the uncle (we all have one) who insist that Mercury Rx is just a bunch of woo-woo mystical crap… whose laughing now? 

How did Mercury Retrograde treat you this time around? Let us know in the comments below!


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