So, you know an optimistic, fiery, and adventure-loving Sagittarius?

Congrats! You’ve got yourself one hell of a friend there! Now just make you don’t miss their birthday… seriously because people ALWAYS forget the poor Sag’s bday in favor of some dude named… Jesus Christ…

Sagittarius rules the skies from November 23 – December 21, which means that this poor sign has to compete with Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities? Totes uncool.

Don’t be one of those people who forgets their birthday this year… actually, maybe you can even set the gold standard for gift giving (because your gift is gonna be the best one, obvi)!

To be completely honest, Sagittarius might be one of the easiest signs to buy for! They’re optimistic, travel bugs who are interested in just about anything, and they have an incredibly open mind…

Now that I think about it, maybe being such an agreeable character actually makes them more difficult to buy for?

Either way, we did the work for you… here are 11 gift ideas that any Sagittarius is sure to love.

1. Scratch Off Map

Yep. Ya know we had to start off with Sagittarius’ favorite hobby – traveling. This fire sign is wildly adventurous and always up for an adventure. They love to travel off the beaten path, and make some risky decisions which are what makes their trips so memorable! They may not have been able to travel much this year, but they can start scratching off the destinations they’ve already been, and then save the rest for when travel plans resume.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “Arrived with everything it needed. I really like this idea for tracking where you have traveled, and my kids got a kick out of it too. It’s not the company’s fault, so I don’t want to give a lesser review because of it, but it should be noted that it’s shipped in a tube and is rolled up tight. It was pretty difficult to unroll the map. I had to have several hands help me unroll it and then flatten it down with books, where it is now sitting on a table for several days so that it learns to stays that way, lol. If it wasn’t shipped rolled up, it would probably damage or bend it, so I get why it’s shipped that way though. Just thought I would mention it if you’re all excited to start filling it out right when you get it.”

2. All-Natural Soy Candle… but make it funny

Okay, so we ALL know that your Sagittarius is super bubbly and optimistic… but let’s not look past that silver-tongue and tough love attitude they have too. And just like this candle says – they tell it like it is, and hey, someone has to!

Get it here

What reviewers say: “Bought my first one for my daughter as a Christmas gift and was so impressed I bought another one for myself. I think they’re worth every penny. Time to get back to “handcrafted”. These are small, with natural ingredients and smell amazing. No soot, not messy. And such snarky labels. I’m a huge fan! I feel better about endorsing and supporting a grass roots enterprise than big biz that has lost touch with their customers and Mother Earth. Such original blends of fragrance. Highly recommend!”

3. Zodiac Gift Box Set

Are you kiddinggggg me?! This gift box is exactly what we all need right now, regardless of your sign (yes even the unrelentingly positive Sagittarius has emotional dips from time-to-time). And during times like these, self-care is basically mandatory for survival. This gift box includes all the goods you’d need to be feel pampered and relaxed, and it even includes an engraved wooden heart that boosts an inspirational message… SWOON. I’m in heaven just thinking about it.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “I bought this as a gift for my best friend’s birthday, and had it shipped directly to her since she lives on the east coast and I’m on the west coast! So I never actually saw the necklace. But she said it was beautiful and she loved it! So I’m happy! :) I loved the message that came with it and elephants are her favorite animal so I had to get this for her! Customer service was great and easy to work with. Thank you!”

4. Travel Notebook

Did I already mention that Sagittarius loves to travel? Oh, I did?? Well, they really, really love to travel… so the duplicate gift idea is totally warranted. They might not able to jot anything down it right now, but this notebook will be perfect for them once they do begin traveling again.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “The pictures listed pretty much show what you’ll get, but I love how each page has it organized with date, place, weather, etc with plenty of room for notes. It’s the perfect size- small/medium so not to fit in your pocket but a purse or carrying is perfect. Love the cover!”

5. Constellation Necklace

Chances are pretty good, that if you googled “What to buy a Sagittarius”, then the person you’re buying for is probably pretty into astrology (or else why would you google that?) And being so into astrology, they’ll definitely love this super cute, dainty necklace that sports the symbol of Sagittarius – a forward-facing arrow. The arrow represents the innate outlook of the Sag, always looking to the future with positivity and optimism.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “This was a Christmas 2019 gift for my granddaughter. She likes it a lot. It’s beautiful. The package arrived before scheduled delivery date and was intact and undamaged. I am very pleased.”

6. Global Cookbook

They’re probably pretty bummed about not being able to travel, and not just because they’re missing out on adventure and fun… but also because of the food they’re missing. Arguably one of the best things about traveling is being able to enjoy local delicacies and cuisines. Gift them the ability to bring the taste of travel right into their own kitchen. This cookbook goes beyond sharing recipes, it also shares the techniques and tips used by the locals. Hopefully, they invite you over for dinner.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “I got this book for my partner and I so we could start to venture away from our comfort zone. The book breaks down regions across the globe and introduces you to major flavors and essentials from each region. It doesn’t have the highest volume of recipes but we love this to get us started trying new things. Also very visual which is a great bonus in my personal opinion.”

7. Reusable Cotton Face Mask… but make it fashion

Because, ‘rona.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “I love how it gives you full face coverage as well as the adjustable headbands to make it nice and snug. Plus its personalized just for me. It also comes with two washable filters. Love it”

8. Maneki-neko Mini Charm

I mean, it’s not like they NEED a good luck charm, they’re already stupidly lucky as it is… Their positive attitude and glass-half-full personality make them magnets for good luck and kick-ass opportunities. Nonetheless, this Japanese figurine is traditionally believed to bring good luck to its owner. And if you ask me, it’s a thoughtful, funny, and mildly ironic gift that your Sagittarius buddy is sure to appreciate.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “This is just too awesome, cute, and perfect to put into words. I love it. I have been looking for a Maneko-neko forever as I grew up with one in our home. I have yet to find a full size one I love, but this one will hang by my door till I do and then go on my keyring. It’s nice wood, wel carved, and pretty detailed for it’s size. It looks just like the picture and arrived well packaged. It is small, see pic for better idea of size, but it’s not marketed as full size so I was aware of that from get. I will be buying another one for my mom for her birthday and maybe a few other people for gifts. Would recommend”

9.  Travel Luggage 

I know, I know… ANOTHER travel-related gift suggestion. But Sagittarius isn’t known as “the traveler of the universe” for no good reason. They love to travel so much that it definitely deserves more than one spot on the list. And this vintage-inspired luggage is the dreamiest way to resume traveling, while still being versatile and practical… they’ll be the envy of everyone at the airport.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “I took this bag to Peru for a 5 day trip. It got a little scratched but held up well overall. It is absolutely beautiful, I got a lot of compliments at the airport. As far as size goes, I would say that this is good for a trip 5 days or less days unless you are a minimalist packer. It is also too big to be a carry on. The smaller brief case that comes with is also beautiful, works great as a purse carry on and fits very comfortably under the airplane seats. The locks are a very nice feature”

10. Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy

Don’t let the optimistic, cheerful, and spontaneous nature of Sagittarius fool you… they’re also deeply Philosophical. They’re calculated, thoughtful, and fascinated by the depth of the human mind. This novel is perfect for both beginners and experts alike, following the story of a 14-year old girl while she explores the greatest philosophical concepts known to Western thought.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “My oldest brother was a philosophy professor at Penn State University. He suggested this book to me and I LOVE it. My own background is mostly science but my core is really philosophy. I love deep discussions and wondering…. I especially love to hear other peoples’ ideas about the meaning of life… This would be a great intro to philosophy for anyone who has ever wondered how we all evolved to NOW”

11.  String Light Photo Clips

If they can’t travel, see extended family, or hang out with distant friends… at least they can display all of their favorite places, people, and memories with this LED string of lights that doubles as a photo display. You can display up to 40 pictures on this bad boy, giving your Sag. plenty of room to display all of their favorite snap-shots.

Get it here

What reviewers say: “I bought these on Prime Day and completely forgot about them until today, when they ended up being the PERFECT solution to “what am I going to do with all the Christmas cards?” They took a few minutes to unravel but it wasn’t that bad. So far, they’re holding a few cards and our (empty) stockings. Unravelling them took a few minutes but they weren’t tangled, just strategically folded . I’m super pleased with them so far, and promise to come back and update my review if my opinion changes!”


What’s your favorite thing about Sagittarius? Drop them some love in the comments below!

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