Seeing The Aura

There are a number of ways to develop “aura consciousness”. A good test is to take a magnet to bed with you at night. With the lights out, go right under all the covers with the magnet. After a minute or two you will notice a narrow mist of vapor coming from each end of the magnet. Once you can see this wherever you wish try the same experiment in daytime.

Now you can progress to seeing auras around people.


Sit down in a straight-backed chair with your feet on the floor and hands resting on your thighs. Relax as much as you can (remember your meditation) and then close your eyes. After concentrating on relaxing for a couple of minutes, picture in your mind’s eye a close friend or member of your family. See what this person is wearing, what he or she is doing, the length of the hair, color of the eyes, and so on. Work at it gently and do not hurry. Once you have a complete picture of your friend in your mind, imagine this person with an aura around them. Don’t hurry – let it just happen. Don’t try and change the colors that appear. You may find you can do this the very first time you try it. However, most people need several attempts.

After being successfully at this several times, try it out on someone. Sit down somewhere where you will see the person you have chosen as soon as you open your eyes. Close your eyes and do your usual relaxation, trying not to think of the person in front of you. When you open your eyes do not look directly at the person, but rather at a point on the far side of the room. Your friend will be sitting somewhere between you and the far wall, so you will not be focusing directly on him. As you look beyond him you will become aware that he has an aura around his head.  It will probably appear whitish the first time you look at it. Once you are used to seeing it, change your focal point so that you are looking directly at it.


This is much quicker method than the first one, but is not nearly as certain. In method two you simply unfocus your eyes. Look at the person whose aura you wish to see, and consciously unfocus your eyes to get a slightly blurry picture. You will see the aura as a slightly “fuzzy” surround around the head. Remain slightly unfocussed, looking at the forehead, but focusing on a point a meter or so beyond your subject. Change your focus slightly, if need be, to get a clearer picture. As in the other method, you will see the aura first as a whitish atmosphere, but the colors will come with practice.

It may sound difficult to deliberately unfocus, but we do it every time we daydream as the brain becomes aware that we do not wish concentrate on anything at that moment.


You can do this either on your own or with a friend. Place your forefingers together against a dark background and then slowly move your fingers apart. You will notice rays of light, usually white or grey in color, moving from one hand to the other. Once you can do it with your forefingers, try the whole hand. Try raising or lowering the hands and see how the rays keep the hands connected. Once you can do it by yourself, try it with a friend. Not so easy to arrange is to try it with someone you do not like. This is very interesting as auras can repel as well as attract. We all have experiences where we meet someone and instinctively dislike them, without knowing why. It appears that we can blame our auras for this, as they are drawn towards people we like, and shrink when placed in close proximity to people we loath.


Sit your subject in front of a dark background. Sit about three meters away and stare for a few seconds at a very bright light. After this, close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing yourself. When you feel the time is right (30-60 seconds is usually enough) open your eyes and look at the person in front of you. The aura should be faintly visible around the head.

If you are with a group of people you can have them all sit around a table with a black cloth on it. Play some gentle background music and have everyone place their hands palm down on the table. Ask everyone to concentrate on the hands of the person directly across from them. In time one person will notice that rays are crossing the table from his fingers to those of the person directly opposite. Once one person senses it, everyone else will discover it very quickly.






1- 4 RED




5-4 BLUE








Carol’s Aura colors are:

INNER AURA : Orange (from her Life Path)

OUTER AURA : Red (from her Expression)

Also: Blue (from her Soul Urge)


Strongest: Red (4), Yellow (3), Blue (4) and Indigo (3)

Carol is not reflecting Rose/Pink (no 8s).



If she is doing something important: Orange

If she wants to be good at something: Red

If she wants to have fun, or make something more enjoyable: Blue

She also should wear Pink to make up for its absence in her aura.