Saturn governs health conditions and deepens the mind, enabling you to focus on the problems of life.

Saturn In the First House.
Saturn enters this position once every twenty nine and a half years bringing you into a crossroads in your life. You will feel rather unsettled, and have a number of major problems to resolve. These will relate to future plans and goals, and patience will be necessary in coming to any decisions.

Saturn In the Second House.
You could be too cautious financially at this time, and there is the possibility that income could lessen. You will find yourself trying to save money, but finding it very hard to do so.

Saturn In the Third House.
You will want to study and widen your horizons at this time. Long term study is advocated, and you will find being forced into a routine helpful for you. You will mature mentally in this cycle.

Saturn In the Fourth House.
You will feel frustrated at this time as everything you undertake will take longer to accomplish than you originally thought. A bad time for any speculative activity for the same reason.

Saturn In the Fifth House.
Saturn will restrain your emotional and social activities, and you may have to make a special effort to socialize. However, despite this, it is a good time for long term planning.

Saturn In the Sixth House.
Your work will be dull and monotonous in this cycle, with long delays and frustrations. You could feel like changing your job, but this is not advised unless much better prospects appear elsewhere.

Saturn In the Seventh House.
Problems affecting marriage and close friendships could arise at this time and be disastrous in not watched closely. As this period occurs only once every thirty odd years, it is worth being extremely cooperative and understanding whilst you are in it.

Saturn In the Eighth House.
There may be problems relating to money owing to you, or coming to you outside your work.
There will be delays and frustrations with such items as insurance claims, mortgage matters and taxation.

Saturn In the Ninth House.
Your outlook on life will change at this time and you will look for the meanings behind things. An interest in philosophy or the occult could begin, and become a fascinating field of study.

Saturn In the Tenth House.
You will have a lot of pressure put upon you at this time, and you will be forced to act more decisively than before. This is a time where a lot of progress can be made, but do not rush into things.

Saturn In the Eleventh House.
You will help old friends go through a difficult period, and people from your past could reappear. Your own interests will change to a more spiritual level, making material pursuits seem less important.

Saturn In the Twelfth House.
You will pause at this time to reevaluate yourself and your progress. A degree of soul-searching will go on, and you may not be very happy, though you will benefit from this period ultimately.