Everything in the universe is surrounded by a magnetic field that radiates its own special level vibration. In Psychometrist, whilst holding a ring, for instance, is able to pick up the combined vibrations of both the ring and its owner. This is because when an object is worn or carried for some time it absorbs some of its owner’s psychic energy (vibrations, magnetism).

You may find it hard to believe but you have been using psychometry all of your life. For instance, when you shake hands with someone you may suddenly feel drawn to them – or repelled. The moment you come into contact with an object a two way process of energy exchange takes place. This is perfectly natural and happens all the time. To be a good psychometrist you have to learn to be more sensitive to be vibrations coming from the object.

The amount of information it is possible to pick up from an object varies enormously, depending on the length of time it has been in the owner’s possession, emotional content, and skill of the psychometrist. If an object has been immersed in running water most of the psychic will be lost. This is why people clean their crystals and other object used in psychic work.


  1. To begin with practice with items that have been worn or carried by someone for at least a year. Avoid antiques initially. They will have a long history of owners and the vibrations you pick up may be from long dead former owners rather than the person who owns the item now. You can read items made of anything, but to begin with avoid objects made of cloth, paper or wood as they are harder to read. The best things to practice on are small made of a precious material such as silver or gold.
  2. Relax as much as you can, following your meditation. After this breathe slowly and deeply for thirty seconds before touching the object.
  3. Pick up the item if it is small enough. How you hold is up to you. Some people prefer to hold it cupped in both hands, other prefer to hold it one hand and use the other hand to stroke or touch them. If you choose to hold in one hand determine which feels better for you, and then use that same hand every time you psychometrize. Hold the object lightly. If you squeeze it you may lose the vibrations. Some people find it helpful to close their eyes at this point.
  4. Become aware of the shape, texture and feel of the item. These are all physical properties of the item. Gradually, when you feel the time is right, allow yourself to extend these perceptions. Mental images will come to you. There is no need to try too hard. In fact, this will have the opposite effect to the one you want. Remain relaxed and just let it happen.
  5. Take a deep breath and then give voice to the images that comes to you. Do not worry about what you are saying. If you are concerned about being correct you will let your own consciousness take over and you’ll lose the feelings. Simply say whatever comes to you.
  6. If the owner of the item is present ask him or her how correct you were. If the owner asks any questions say the very first thing that comes into your head. If the owner is not present, write it down all of your impressions. Better still, get someone else to write them down whilst you are taking.


When you first begin psychometrizing you will tend to pick up the most emotional parts of the object’s history. Consequently, you will tend to pick up feelings of illnesses, emotional problems, accidents and so on. Do not let this disturb you. It is a sign that you are making good progress. You will start to pick up the more positive feelings in time. All psychometrists find it easier to pick up the negative energies, rather than the positive. It does not mean that the person you are reading for is a bad person, just that the more emotional an event is, the more likely it is to come through.



First of all, have a look at the photograph, paying attention to the clothes the people are wearing, the background and so on. This will give you a few first impressions. Then hold the photograph in one hand (or lay it face up on a table) and gently pass the other hand over the photograph. Some people like this hand to actually touch the photograph, but most prefer to have their hand pass just above. After a few passes impressions will come into your consciousness. Say them out loud and have them recorded.