Psychic Aids

The knowledge that you now have is sufficient to help you use your psychic abilities in daily life. True, you will probably need to practice them for quite a while before you feel totally competent. However, if you intend using your talents to help others boy doing ‘readings’ for them it is very useful to have a ‘crutch’ to help you.

When giving readings you will be making use of your clairvoyant ability, possibly through psychometry. You may use telepathy to pick up unspoken problems that your client has. And you will be using precognition to forecast the trends in your client’s life. All of this is made much easier with the help of a ‘crutch’.

A crutch can be all sorts of things. Numerology definitely is an example. So are Tarot cards, Rune stones, Palmistry, Yantras, gemstones, the I Ching and so on. I know a lady who has her clients draw a picture of a tree, and she bases her reading on this. Another friend asks her clients to bring a flower with them, and she reads the flower as she helps her clients.

Which ‘crutch’ is the right one for you? It simply is a matter of personal preference. Look at different areas and find the one that appeals to you most. I have never had a strong desire to read people’s feet, for instance, but who knows, it might just be your thing. Try the ones that appeal and you will quickly discover which ones are right for you.

Here are a few notes on the more commonly used crutches.



No ONE KNOWS WHERE Tarot cards came from originally. The oldest deck still in existence was made for Charles VI of France and dates from 1392. At times they have been banned, but right now they are enjoying greater popularity than ever before. The pack consists of 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The modern day deck of playing cards comes from the Minor Arcana. It is said that a study of the Tarot will put you in touch with all the wisdom of the ages.

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21. S. L. MacGregor Mathers, in his little book, “The Tarot”, has a few sentences giving  the keywords for each card of the Major Arcana.

“The Human Will (1) enlightened by Science (2); and manifested by Action (3); should find its Realisation (4) in deeds of Mercy and Beneficence (5). The Wise Disposition (6) of this will give him Victory (7) through Equilibrium (8) and Prudence (9) over the flucutuations of Fortune (10). Fortitude (11), sanctified by Sacrifice of Self (12), will triumph over Death itself (13), and thus a wise Combination (14) will enable him to defy Fate (15). In each Misfortune (16) he will see the Star of Hope (17) shine through the twilight of Deception (18); and ultimate Happiness (19) will be the Reward (20). Folly (0),  on the other hand, will bring about an evil Reward (21).”


            The Minor Arcana is divided up into four suits: Pentacles Cups, Swords and Wands. Pentacles relate to the Diamonds in our modern day deck of cards and represent money, wealth and material possessions. The Cups (Hearts) represent loved ones and close relationships. The Swords (Spades) indicate new beginnings. Finally, the Wands (Clubs) represent creativity and social activities.

Now, using Numerology, you can relate the keyword for each number to the keyword for each suit – and you know the meaning of each card!

Obviously, the Tarot can not be learned in five minutes, so if you want to take it further buy a few books and a deck of Tarot cards and experiment, practice – and play – with them.


IN recent  years the ancient Rune stones have increased enormously in popularity. The origin of them is not known and they have been attributed to the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, the Norse and the Germanic tribes. Rune stones were known in England in the Fifth Century, but were being used in Sweden and Germany long before then. The word rune is derived from ru, Germanic for secrecy, and runa, Gothic for mystery.

The 25 ‘sotnes’ that make up the Futhark Runes can be made from almost anything – small stones, silver, Fimo, plastic, wood and so on. It is suggested that you experiment with wooden Runes as some authorities claim the original ones came from the Tree of Odin.

Each rune has a definite meaning: 1. Communication. 2. Partnership. 3. Signals. Good advice. 4. Retreat. Inheritance. 5. Strength. Good fortune. 6. Initiation. Mystery. 7. Restraint, caution. 8. Fertility. 9. Defense. 10. Spirit, New interests. 11. Possessions. 12. Joy. 13. Harvest – good times ahead. 14. Links. Relationships. 15. Warrior. Love affair. 16. Unity. Home and family. 17. Changes. 18. Flow – a dream or inspiration. 19. Disruption. 20. Journey. 21. Benefits – good fortune. 22. Ambition. 23. Indifference. 24. Sun – decision. 25. Destiny.