Psychic Aids-2

RUNES – Continued.

There are many variants of the original runes, two different ones may come across are Stick Runes and Witches Runes.

The Stick Runes were used by the ancient tribes with no written language. They consist of four flat sticks, each with one dot on one side and two on the other. They are cast by tossing the sticks gently away from the body. They must be thrown four times and the final result is interpreted. This is an example of Geomancy.

The Witches Runes are set of eight stones. There origin is lost in history, but they have been kept alive by followers of Wicca through the centuries. Each stone has meaning. 1. A male. Success. Good news. 2. Female. Changes are coming soon. 3. Love, marriage. 4. Strife. Arguments. 5 Relatives. Relationships. 6. Unexpected news. 7. Luck. Happy outcome. 8. Losses. Partings.


            Palmistry is a complete study in itself. Firstly, the shape and texture of the hand is analyzed. There are a number of methods of classifying hand shapes, but the one generally used today is one devised by Fred Gettings which divides the different types into Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

It is possible for a palm to have only two lines on it, but this is extremely rare. Most people have at least the four main lines: Heart line, Head line, Life line and Destiny (or fate) line.

The Heart line reveals the person’s emotional life.

The Head line reveals the person’s intellectual capabilities.

The Life line denotes the amount of vitality and energy a person has at a particular time. It does necessarily denote length of life.

The Destiny line reveals the person’s path through life.

The Thumb is extremely important in Palmistry, and I have seen a number of Indian palmists who read nothing but the thumb.



The crystal ball is an object of fascination to all. By this stage you should not find it hard to use. All you have to do is sit in front of the ball, meditate and see what it comes. Occasionally, you may see things in the ball, but usually it is a focus point and thoughts and feelings will come into your head whilst you are using it. The hardest part of the exercise is to relax enough these feelings to come through.

            A glass water works just as well as a crystal ball, so it is best to practice before buying one. If you do intend buying one, psychometrise each one you see first, to ensure that you buy one that feels comfortable for you.

Scrying, which is what crystal ball gazing is, can be done in a number of ways. I have seen women in India doing it by gazing into a thumb nail. In Scotland I had reading from a lady who gazed into a small pool of Indian ink.




            In these days of tea bags one would think the appeal of a tea leaf reading would have disappeared. In fact, it is just as popular as ever.

With a tea leaf reading the sitter drinks his cup of tea, then swirls the grounds round a number of times (dictated by his Life Path number) before turning the cup upside down on the saucer. The reader then turns the cup up again and gives a reading based on what the tea leaves reveal. The very best tea leaf readers use their clairvoyants abilities, but it is possible to read tea leaves by seeing what shapes the tea leaves have formed themselves into, and then looking up the meaning in a book. There are a number of books around, but I am prejudiced in favour  of my “How to Read Tea Leaves”(!) Most tea leaf readers use a combination of clairvoyance and precognition, plus a good imagination in discerning shapes and pictures in the leaves.

Like all the other crutches, the more practice you do the better the results will be. Reading tea leaves is a particularly pleasant way of doing a reading as you sit down and have a cup with the sitter first.