Letters of the Alphabet, Part 3

To continue with our exploration of the English Alphabet, we now take a look at the final letters. Through these brief descriptions, you may gain a degree of self understanding unavailable through the numbers alone, or through a simple reading of the letters by their numerical values. They are a major key to the esoteric art of Numerology, through which you can explore your personal experience and create the future you want.


– Resembles a brain with its stem, or a balloon with a string. It represents quick thinking, imagination and quirkiness; queer (in the sense of unusual) ideas. It can be humorous and sometimes, unreasonable – one of Q’s important keystone words is quicksand. During its transit, it can bring strange or unexpected events, and matters concerning finance. Other key Cornerstone words are: Quest, Questionable, Quick, Quake and Quote.


– Is like a P, but has a leg extended to step forward; it is outgoing, but in a reserved way. R can represent a new start, but is filled with emotion, meaning a rough road ahead. Loyal and forgiving, R is usually ready to revise opinions and attitudes, and revive hope and optimism. It can focus on relationships, or revisit old lessons during its transit. Major Cornerstone words are: Rewrite, Rebirth, Risk, Reconnaissance, Reach and Release.


– Can be sensitive, sensual and smart all at one time; yet it can be secretive. It seems to focus on the senses, physical or otherwise. Like a meandering river or a snake, it is adaptable and goes with the flow. Social and seductive, the S is the most emotional of letters and portends a drive to achieve something or get somewhere during its transit. Some Cornerstone words are: Sing, Sexy, Shock, Survival, Slippery, Success and Symbolic.


– In its lowercase form, is like a plus sign, and it seems to bring added value to circumstances, usually because it helps one to think or talk things through. It is curious, responsible and ready to go against the grain, but runs into trouble when it lets tension become bottled up and fester. It brings change coupled with either-or decisions when transiting. Cornerstone words of note are: Toll, Tally, Tip, Temptation, Terror, Tax, Terrible and Tantrum.


– Looks like an upturned cup; ready to receive, but ready to contain and limit as well. It’s an emotional letter, and with the rounded bottom can easily tip over, spilling its contents. It represents a change in direction – it defines a “U-Turn.” This reversal can be favorable or unfavorable; it can make gain from loss, or friendship from enmity, especially during its transit. Some key Cornerstone words are: Universe, Understanding, Urban, Unleash and Undo.


– Is like two upright lines pulled together at the bottom; it is the hand signal for peace and victory, and the “rabbit ears” of jest and old-style televisions. The need for connection is what drives V. It can be ethical and loyal or materialistic or unsympathetic on the other. It’s an intuitive vibration and brings travel and self-expression in transit. Important Cornerstone words are: Verify, Vigilante, Vote, Viper, Vindicate and Vice.


– Reverses the energy of M, and represents water and the emotions, the peaks and valleys of love. Likeable and full of wonder, it is usually caring, committed and adaptable, but can fall to periods of depression or worry. Its transit may bring love affairs, movement and change of scenery, and sometimes a change of residence. Some key Cornerstone words are: Waves, Warmth, Wishes, Wisdom, Wade, Watershed, Wallow, Wild and Welcome.


– Almost always represents a crossroads, especially during its transit, but it also signifies the unknown, the “X-Factor.” X marks the spot and closes windows on a computer; it’s the cipher for unsuitable things. It can be excessive, and stand for complex decisions; it can indicate the wrong answer. X is usually preceded by a vowel, as in exhale, but some key Cornerstone words are: X-Ray, X-Rated, Xenophobe, and the X-Axis.


– Where X in transit is a crossroads, Y is a fork in the road, where one has no choice but to take one path or another; you can choose between them, but it only shows an either-or option. It represents a change in relationships or jobs, and is both confident and indecisive, both impulsive and reflective. It separates the safe road from the road less traveled. Cornerstone words are: Yield, Yoke, Yin/Yang, Yes-No Question, Yodel, Yell and Yardstick.


– Is communicative, but more like the zap of a lightning bolt than the pleasant banter of C. It is the main part of the “Buzz” about something, and tends to be an emotional yet analytical vibration. Z is usually resourceful and dedicated, and can add a new dimension to whatever it does, but can be very controlling. Its transit usually pertains to financial matters. Cornerstone words are: Zany, Zen, Zealous, Zero, Zenith, Zoo, Zigzag and Zephyr.

This completes our overview of the alphabet. We will begin to show how the letters are analyzed through their current cycles and positions in a name in future articles here at Numerologist.com.

Your Professional Numerologist,