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Card 1 – 9 of Swords

This card is face down, meaning it is very deeply rooted within your subconscious. The 9 of Swords tells us that there is some sort of inner conflict; a battle going on beneath the surface. This battle is uncomfortable, and that is why your sleep is being impaired. We cannot sleep when we’re not at peace. Your dreams are trying to communicate that inner conflict within you, and it is time to start deciphering your dreams. As much as people want to say that they don’t remember their dreams, this is not true.

You have dreamt, but have simply forgotten it by the time that you woke up. What you need to do is drink a few glasses of water before bed, have your dreams, and then every time you wake up to go to the washroom jot down what you remember from those dreams. In the morning, look at these notes and actually decipher them. You want to be telling your subconscious, and your spirit guides, that you are starting to decipher your dreams more, and that you want more information. The more active you are with your dreamwork, the more information you will get.

It is very important that you are recording your dreams, especially this week, because the full moon is in Aries on Wednesday. Aries is ruled by the planet of war, so this conflict is going to show up this week, and it wants to be released. 


Card 2 – Page of Wands

The page of wands is a symbol of a message coming in. Above the page of wands we have three cards. These cards are blocked, but they will give more information about the message that you are going to be receiving this week. These three cards say:

The message will be from a young person, it will be something that is incredibly empowering, and it will almost bring you to a ‘next level’ within your home and family. 

This message from this young person will show you face to face just how powerful you are, and you will see that mirrored back within your family. When you share this message with family members, you will see in their eyes just how empowering this news is. This will make you bloom into an energy and vibration of abundance and security.


Card 3 

This card is telling us that you are still burning your midnight oil, and that you are always working to no avail. This constant work is keeping you on your toes, because you feel useful, but it is now time to start realizing that you’ve come to a point where all of your hard work is not appreciated. You can be putting in work all day long, but soon enough that becomes the bare minimum.

What used to be considered as ‘over and above’ is now the baseline, and you are constantly trying to keep up with that. It is time for you to delegate at least one task. For example, you could hire a cleaner, even if it’s just one time. For once, give yourself that little bit of a break and realize that the duties and responsibilities that you have on your shoulders are not being appreciated, and that this is our time to put those boundaries up and say “if you’re not going to do it, and I’m not going to do it, it’s not getting done”.