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Card 1

5 of Pentacles

This is going to be a stressful week. The 5 of pentacles focuses on money: where our abundance comes from, where we are feeling that lack mentality, and then sourcing it back to our upbringing. There is always going to be that parent, or authority figure, who is saying that money doesn’t grow on trees, or questioning your spending choices. This week you can really clear a lot of these financial blocks that have been stopping you from that abundance. The two cards over top of the 5 of Pentacles, which are the blockers to your abundance, are just transformation and new feelings. There is a fear of having to go through that transformation, and then to feel differently about it. We feel that we are betraying our parents when we don’t live up to their expectations of us. Sometimes however, the expectations are to be in poverty, and to have that same lack mentality, and we can end up following in their footsteps very, very easily. The fear here is that we will have to go through a major transformation, essentially having to be reborn, and unlearning everything that our first teachers have taught us in order to then change the way that we feel about money. In this day and time, there is no reason to have a lack mentality. You have manifested before, and you have seen how the universe works in order to give you blessings. If you are not aware of them, go back and remember the times where someone may have helped you out with money in a time that was financially tough for you. This was the universe saying that it is time to transform your feelings surrounding your lack mentality, because you just never know how you are going to be blessed. Going forward, transform yourself into a different way of feeling about money which is positive and abundant. 

Card 2

The Judgement Card

Recently, the envy and the jealousy that we’re suffering from is misplaced. Living in a state of survival and chaos, all we are doing right now is trying to find ways to distract ourselves. These distractions often end up being in the form of social media (Instagram, Tik Tok, etc), where it’s all about comparison. This comparison brings in a level of judgement, and as long as that judgement is envy instead of jealousy, it is fine. There is a difference between the two; envy is saying “I see what they have, and I know that I can have that as well”, whereas jealousy is saying “I hate them because they have that”. Having that judgement is fine, it is what our lives as human beings are about a lot of the time. What is important is to tell ourselves that we are having this judgement because we want more for ourselves, and that it is just a reminder of what we are lacking in our own lives in order to give us more purpose. Then you can follow this through.


Card 3

Knight of Cups 

This young water sign is a sun sign Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Over top of the Knight of Cups, we have several cards that have popped up. They read:

Conflict when it comes to a change that was out of your control, although you are still trying to stay positive and manifest that partnership, you know that you have to make a sacrifice, or let go and then make a decision in order to move on either from or to a young earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo). 

This is the energy that is blocking your relationship with the Knight of Cups, and this week is your opportunity to really look that over. Find out the source of the conflict. Repel it, but then also heal it. Let go of the conflict that created a massive change that fell out of your control. You are still very positive about what you want to create when it comes to partnerships, but it would require sacrificing and making a decision about moving on with a young earth sign.