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Card 1

Page of Pentacles

It may seem like a young earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo) is the main attention this week, but it goes much deeper than that. It is based on a negative relationship with a feminine fire sign (Leo, Aeries, or Sagittarius). Really monitor how you are communicating and how you are acting with this young earth sign this week, and try to find the parallels between your relationship with a feminine fire sign. There is a negative attachment there that you are feeding back into your relationship with the earth sign, and it’s not fair to be treating this earth sign based on the pain the fire sign has caused.

Maybe you realize that you are treating your daughter in a way that your mother used to treat you, and you always said that you would never do that. As soon as you recognize that you are doing this, you can change the narrative. Release the guilt and the shame because you have recognized that this is an issue, and that in itself is an amazing defeat. You have conquered subconscious programming that was based on your earlier years, and now the best way to release it is to actively choose to do better. 


Card 2

8 of Pentacles, 6 of Swords 

You have been working extremely hard, and this week you will see just how much power you’re putting into your skills, accomplishments, and accolades. We want to figure out the reason why you feel the need to work so hard. The 6 of Swords represents thinking that you need to keep moving as a way of keeping care of at least two different energies that may not even be in your life anymore.

Though these energies may not be in your life anymore, you have gotten into the habit of feeling like you need to constantly be moving forward in order to be successful, and that is why you are working so hard. You continue to work and collect skills, accomplishments, and accolades, but never stop to smell the roses. You feel this way because subconsciously you are on the run as a way of satisfying your relationship with two energies that you always felt like you needed to keep moving forward for. 


Card 3

6 of Cups, King of Wands

There is a masculine fire sign (Leo, Aeries, or Sagittarius), who you feel like you have a big brother relationship with. Either you were always watching over this masculine fire sign, or vice versa. There is something there in the past that requires an apology, either received or given, for true reconciliation. As of right now, your relationship is touch and go, and it’s because an apology was not received for something that happened in the past.

Though this is very common in a big brother relationship, because siblings tend to pick on each other, this situation is more serious than child’s play, and an apology is needed. If you find that you need an apology from this masculine fire sign, sometimes all you have to do is explain to them how they hurt you and ask for them to apologize. Once the apology is received or given, the situation will no longer hold you hostage.