Card 1: 3 Of Wands

You are at the finish line and it is time to appreciate what you have manifested. Look around at your current situation and recognize that this is something that you have pulled in and attracted. Recognize that on the outside, there is a reflection of what you are feeling on the inside. This is a moment of responsibility that will humble you. Then use this experience to clear the issues that are negatively affecting you.  If you see something negative in your life this week, do the act of duty of trying to see where you are at. Do not put the “other” to blame. See where you are expressing this outwardly.

December is the 8 energy of what goes around comes around. Everything you are doing is coming back around to give you a sense of ownership, a power over your life, to recognize that you now have the opportunity to put out something beautiful that comes back to us. It is recognition that when we push energy out, it is coming back. Notice that small little occurrence to allow the empowerment that what goes around comes around and acts accordingly. 

Card 2: 8 of Pentacles 

Continue to work hard in order to adorn yourself in these labels. These labels can be chains because we feel we have to uphold that standard. These accomplishments are feeling like a label that we are trying to shrug off. We are trying to show the world that we are more than just our accomplishments. The two blocking energies preventing you from seeing how much you have accomplished is heartbreak seeping into your dreams. If you are a good person who has achieved so much but is still able to be deceived, betrayed, or offended–this is causing heartbreak. 

It will be hard to appreciate all of your accomplishments when you are repressing the lack of peace. There is a lack of confidence, and insecurity that you are working on in the astral world. This week is showing you that it’s time to do your own work. Pull a tarot card to identify the source of the heartbreak. You can also analyze your dreams for more information on this heartbreak source. By finding the heartbreak source you can continue to move forward and a accomplish beautiful things

Card 3: Lover’s with Queen of Cups

There is a feminine energy Pisces, Scorpio or Pisces. They are a soul mate, karmic connection. There is an opportunity this week to see what the karma is with the Queen of Cups. You can work on repaying the debt by acting in the opposite position.. Forgiveness is key because the Queen of Cups is a karmic connection that needs to be released.