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Card 1

The Temperance Card and The 5 of Pentacles

Because you’re not moving and not progressing out of fear of being broke, lacking, or having too much of a financial sacrifice, you are actually just creating that situation for yourself. What we think and feel comes back to us, so we don’t make decisions because we have that fear of lack, and then that lack of decision ends up bringing more lack. This week recognize that you’ve been too complacent. Opportunities are on the horizon, and maybe it’s been easy for you to say no to smaller opportunities, making the universe question whether you are really serious about wanting more for yourself. Move and take action. This could be something as simple as going to an interview. Even if you don’t feel that you are necessarily going to change jobs it is still signaling to the universe that you are willing to make some movement, and that you are actually putting the action behind it. It is impossible for the universe to reward you when you are not taking action. Recognize that the lack of movement is creating the fears that are the reason why you are not moving. 

Card 2

The Devil Card

The Devil Card is the other side of the Lover’s Card that we don’t see that says there will always be another side to a relationship. With this relationship, you are locked in. You can try burning your way out, but at the end of the day this is one of those twin flame relationships and the connection is too intense. Relationships are hard work, and it will not always be that honeymoon phase. This week you will be seeing more of the struggles attached to love and relationships, but it can be better to have that pain to show us that we’re still alive and breathing. Our heart is still beating, as opposed to not taking that risk and not falling love and opening up to this sort of commitment. You are karmically connected to someone in a major way, and it is time to embrace that because this could be a really beautiful relationship.

Card 3

Queen of Wands

This Queen of Wands is so sandwiched between their pride and their ego that it is hard for them to move forward. Intuitively they know that they need to make the first step in order to move forward, but their ego and their pride has them so rooted and grounded that they cannot. There is too much bad blood being created with this Queen of Wands, so we want to try and ease some of the tension because it is just creating conflict. The best way to do this is to appeal to their pride and ego. To encourage them to take action, praise and compliment them on how they perform certain tasks, because boosting their ego is what will encourage this person to continue to move forward. Though this could be seen as manipulative, it is what is needed in order to relate to other people and embrace their traits that they need in order to feel fulfilled. It is for the highest good, and will create more peace and harmony in the relationship with this Queen of Wands.