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Card 1

Page of Swords, The Judgement Card, The World Card

This Page of Swords is a young air sign (Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini), with the letter M somewhere in their name. This person could be anyone; a sibling, coworker, ex’s new partner, etc. Whoever they are, they are judging your happiness and the fact that you ‘have it all’. It will be very important that you protect yourself energetically from these evil eyes and this jealousy. It is human nature to look at what others have and compare ourselves, and this is especially common for Libras. Get yourself an evil eye (whether it be a physical object, a tattoo, etc.), to protect yourself from negative energy, especially from this page of swords. 

Card 2

Queen of Swords (feminine air sign, either Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini)

This person is working on a broken heart due to a traumatic past life where either they died as a child, or their child passed away, and they are still living within that trauma. This is leaving the person feeling unrooted, all over the place, and with their head in the clouds because they still need to let go of that trauma. They will most likely see this popping up in their body either through back pain, blemishes, insomnia, etc,. They are definitely struggling right now, and it is time to reach out to them and help them heal their broken heart. When you see, talk to, or think about this person, envision green going around your heart and travelling to their heart. This will hopefully give them a little bit of Reiki energy to help them further, but what this person really needs is compassion and positive, healing, loving energy. 

Card 3

7 of Pentacles, 9 of Swords

The 7 of Pentacles represents investments, and combined with the 9 of Swords this does not look good. If you invested your power into something, it was not an equal energy exchange, and now that’s why you’re having troubles sleeping and bad dreams. In some instance you gave too much power away. You invested your money, time, or attention into a person, place, or thing, and this week you are realizing that it was an unequal exchange of energy. You invested more than what you received back. This is going to cause some struggles, however these struggles are just in your mind. You decide how much energy you can dictate, so you can tell your higher self to bring back any energy that wasn’t properly distributed and you should start to feel better. Every night, bring back your energy that is no longer serving your highest good, even the score, and make better choices going forward. If you don’t like watching tv shows with violence, don’t put any of your energy into watching them. Don’t even put a small bit of energy into doing something if it’s not something that’s in alignment with you. This week, focus your attention only on what you are in alignment with, and what represents the positive life that you want to manifest in the future.