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Your body is a temple

It’s the meeting point between matter and Spirit, it’s your sacred interface with the world, your means of experience and expression. Your body is your instrument of pleasure, pain and every sensation in between.

Your body is of the Earth

It’s built of the same minerals, molecules and compounds that the rest of our planet and its life forms are also made. The other elements run through you, physically, emotionally, energetically, but Earth is what takes up the space, it’s what roots you in the here and now.

Mutable Energy is Earth in Motion

This Full Moon is unique, in that it activates this element within our bodies – the Earth in motion. Occurring at 16:51 PST / 0:51 GMT and falling at 11º of the mutable earth sign of Virgo (there’s that master number again, echoing this 11 Universal year) it offers an energy that is adaptable, changeable and willing to flex and flow with the seasons. These signs don’t need to stay the same, they don’t need to cling firmly to one way of being, they can choose to change. This is precisely what Virgo offers us at this Full Moon: the opportunity to choose a different way of being in the world, but not in an abstract, conceptual, words-and-ideas kind of way. This energy is more grounded than that, and closer to home. Virgo brings us right back into our bodies.

So how is life inside your body working out for you?

Full Moons act as spotlights, illuminating parts of our lives that at other times may be overlooked, go un-noticed or at worst, remain hidden in the shadows. This Full Moon in Virgo shines her light directly onto your tangible, physical human experience in all of its nitty-gritty, anatomical, muscular, digesting, metabolizing, sweating, bleeding glory. Virgo illuminates the realness of it all – the nourishing, nurturing care-taking we do for ourselves and the inadvertent harm we do too. It brings an opportunity for all of the work our bodies do for us to be noticed and realized, and invites us to take a long hard look at how much we are participating in this normally un-noticed work.

The temple-ness of your body is more than a dusty old adage.

The vessel you inhabit is a channel for divine inspiration – you are the pioneering face of Spirit (as every single one of us is) and Spirit chose you, in your body, to connect to this world. This means that to find your path and live out the potential that lies there, requires you to at least try to keep this channel clear!

Virgo’s job is to help that happen.

Your job is to listen in, and do what you’re being asked to do.

Full Moon in Virgo – Purify

Virgo is discerning.

Virgo is organized, clarifying and hyper-aware of anything that is out of place.

Those with prominent Virgo in their charts often have digestive issues or allergies – their bodies are delicate, and seem to need to eliminate toxins more readily. It’s a lesson we can all take on during this lunation, this sense of purging and purification. Where in your life this most needs to happen will depend on where in your personal chart this Full Moon falls, but for all of us it begins in the body. The immediate, personal site of mutable earth.

What will you do to serve your body?
Where will you start?
What will you aim for?

This Lunation is a truly wonderful time to begin again, but to do so in full awareness. New Moons begin in the dark, but here at the Full Moon we have stark and full-flowing illumination to guide the way. We’re being given the gift of sight – if you truly look and ask to be shown, you will see what needs to be cleared, erased, re-set and shaken out of your life. It may be revealed as excess, unconscious habits and patterns, unhealthy outlooks or skewed perspectives. Or perhaps the baggage and clutter of the objects you surround yourself with are what’s standing in your way of living life freely and unencumbered. Take this time to see. To really see what is blocking you, and then commit to releasing the grip you have on it, and it on you.

The mutable nature of this Moon means that you have the choice to change, and that choice is supported. At the time of this lunation, 7 planets are in mutable signs (the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces, the Moon in Virgo and Mars in Sag) so this energy of adaptation is strong. The cosmos will bend, for the decisions you make at this time!

An Abundance of Piscean Energy

With five planets in deep, dreamy, water-fuelled Pisces and all of them opposing the grounded earth of Virgo, the over-critical and perfectionist tendencies that this sign is often (unfairly) known for will be tempered. A flowing, imaginative energy will continue to run through our veins – this is Pisces season after all! – so you are allowed to change your mind. Then change it again. And again. And again. But be sure to use your discernment, and find inner strength and resilience when and where you need it. Your commitment now matters, as with ALL planets moving direct until the 8th of March, any momentum you gather now will hold its sway!

So move, participate, progress, choose to say “Yes!”

What is your commitment to physical health and your own wellbeing this Full Moon?

Share below, and allow yourself to be supported by our fantastic community.