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It’s Libra time, ruled by Venus, so people want to feel good, look good and have good times. Beautify yourself, your home or buy/create art.

The Role of Venus This Month

Venus is in Scorpio, making things intense in the romance department but on the 5th she goes retrograde, making love problematic and intense, and introspection of our flaws might hit us in the face for some soul searching and acceptance.

Retrogrades are revisiting time, so people from the past can show up and you can find closure on an old, long-forgotten issue come back to haunt you, to find resolution. It can also be a time of renegotiating terms and conditions, even for finances, loans, partnership agreements, personal and business. It can also be a time for existing relations to hit a wall, you might feel like you want to end it, or you can’t take it anymore and can’t come together in agreement.

Just don’t do anything rash until Venus goes direct on November 16th. By November month’s end, you may find you have a whole new outlook and things can be mended. Remember, when any planet is retrograde, its time for the past, not really the present. Deal with old issues, don’t create new ones at this time. End bad relationships; hold off proposals until December and spend time with you.

Mars in Aquarius

Time for Progress

Mars is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, so ideas put on a shelf can come back to life and you will find new ways to process this new idea. It’s also a great time to get involved with charities and movements, as the collective is encouraged. Your energy is back and you can make progress again.

Mercury in Scorpio

Look within

On the 9th Mercury, moves into Scorpio making our thinking deep and serious, as it also approaches another retrograde in November. With all the emotional planets, Mercury and Venus, in Scorpio it is a time for introspection and soul-searching.

New Moon in Libra

Planning Time

October 8th is the New Moon in Libra, a time for new beginnings and wishes usually. Libra is a time of art, beauty and love. It is time to rethink and reinvent these parts of your life, make them better, more beautiful, more loving. But with Libra’s ruler retrograde in Scorpio, the time for new beginnings is on hold. Make plans, but don’t take action.

There are four planets doing a great deal of work in the background this month.

Jupiter and Pluto

An opportunity for partnership

Jupiter and Pluto are in harmony and working hard to lift the veil of deceit in our world and shine a floodlight on it. It can also help business to grow, slowly but surely, but this is the last month of this partnership, so get busy with business plans and have them in place by month’s end. It is also a time to open your mind, and see the truth, not what you want the truth to be. It is time to face the corruption in the world and stand against it. As I mentioned before, a scandal a day will become commonplace for quite some time.

Pluto Direct

Shaking things up

Pluto is also direct now, so his power is unleashed. He is the destroyer, the Phoenix rising from the ashes. He sees the corruption and has joined with Saturn to shake the foundations of societies across the world. Buckle up folks, it’s gonna get wild and make today’s news look simple.

Saturn and Uranus

A rare balance

Saturn and Uranus are also in harmony (trine) which is a balanced opposite energy to it, where Saturn is steady and sure, and Uranus is an earthquake, but they will find a balance between the two. Laws can be changed and will actually be enforced. People will start thinking about their own security and how to shore that up with a more stable job, figuring out how to grow their own food per Saturn, etc. while Uranus will make these changes very innovative with a new twist on things. The two can effectively change a lot with a little give and take, and this will last for years.

We are evolving with grounded stability, and the ability to adapt to change and make it ok to bring new ideas to the table. This is an incredibly positive aspect in our world now, so if it feels like things are falling apart and you are fearful, remember the Universe will create new dynamics to bring back stability. Change is good, so just go with the flow when things are torn down, because they will certainly be replaced with something new but grounded in stability.

Looking to next month…

The big news next month is that Jupiter is moving into its home sign of Sagittarius. I’ll go into greater detail then. In the meantime, Happy October!

Keep me posted about the goings on in your life too. I love to see the feedback.



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