Card 1: 3 Soulmate with Deception

You’re with your Soulmate but there is deception there. Sometimes we are with our soulmate or twin flame in order to grow and it’s always painful. This is something Karmic you have to grow together so it’s not going to be an easy journey. So, unfortunately, what this week is prompting is especially, around Oct 12, Libra season, this is showing you your soulmate but there is some deception there, some secrecy, some secrets hiding something beneath the surface that now is coming to light. You can decide what you want to do with it. It is a soulmate relationship and it is Karmic. 

I think naturally you will revert to how you will respond to it in a past life to this deception but now in this lifetime you have an opportunity to go the other route. Maybe in the past life you were the one that was deceiving and now in this life you’re on the receiving end. Have compassion have grace, realize that this is a soulmate karmic lesson in order to grow from it. It will trigger you, it will trigger very deep wounds you need in order to grow. It’s a lesson, don’t get stuck on test day pass or fail and move on. 

Card 2:  5 of Swords

Feeling very overburdened with your responsibilities is what this deception is. just running yourself dry, at the end of day you do everything handling everything for who. It’s not really for you it’s at least for 2 other people. Who you feel responsible for. You feel a lot of restrictions when it comes to your freedom and these 2 other people, that is why you are working yourself dry.

Time to delegate some tasks and realize a lot of things and a lot of responsibilities that you have taken on is your soul duty. Delegate the tasks, get rid of somethings and see if it’s missed. What happens if you don’t do the dishes one night is someone going to step up and take charge. If you don’t have these responsibilities, see who steps to the plate and realize you didn’t have to take that responsibility all you had to do was allow someone to step up to the plate and take on the responsibility for you. At the end of the day you are responsible but these people who have been deceiving you and making you feel that you are the responsible one and the only one who can take care of it is just not the case.

Card 3: Queen of Pentacles

This feminine energy earth sign. Not necessarily female, but feminine energy more beta than your alpha. More nurturing side, more feminine intuitive, flowy energy, divine feminine. Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo they really need your help this week. Just give them a little more attention than you would normally give them. Just a little more love and attention and care. Don’t be resentful about it is it what it is, everyone ebs and flows. This earth sign is typically very strong and can take care of things on their own. This week in particular they just need a little more love and care, give them compassion.