The chakra we are focusing on this week for healing is the yellow 3rd chakra and the affirmation I am worthy.

The question for this week is: Do you intend to do what you say?

Beware of being imprisoned by the stories that you are telling yourself. We hit on this last week with “Isolation” and are continuing it into our second week of July as Mercury Retrograde begins for the next 24 days. M.R. helps us to go back and get it right. This week I want you to really think about the life you want to create. It’s never too late. You need only take the first step.

A lack of planning keeps you caught in your own web of lies. Sit down and write out a plan beginning with the end in mind. My favorite quote is “Anything is Possible” because I’ve seen miracles arise out of ashes and magical things happen when all hope was lost. You are only limited by yourself, by your own thoughts.

Dreaming is the place where we think about all the possibilities our life holds but don’t get too content with dreaming for years turn into centuries and before you know it you are at your 100 year old birthday party wondering where the heck the time went. Someday’s are for sissies. Now is for people who get things done. Don’t keep chasing your tail. Set goals for yourself and take baby steps to move toward them.

There are three things you can do to begin effecting change in your life today.

1. Get Some Support

Enlist a companion to support you in your endeavors always helps whether it’s a friend or family member. When we tell someone else it makes it more real. Just make sure you can trust that person not to knock it down. We’ve all been there with a great idea only to have it blown to smithereens when we share it with a loved one.

2. Connect With Others

Connecting to others that have similar dreams or visions is also important. In our spiritual community we call that finding your TRIBE of like-minded people on a similar path.

3. Ask for Assistance

Ask for assistance when you need it. Here’s the perfect place to seek out a coach or spiritual counselor to help you stay aligned with your Divine life mission.

In the end, don’t just be a dreamer. Say what you do and do what you say.

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May your chakras be aligned and your heart filled with love.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle