Card 1

This is a good week; you are finally at a place now with more control and more security. When it comes to a young water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), this person is super emotional, so you need to feel firmly grounded so you can feel connected to them. They require you to balance your foundation.  Water is not able to be contained unless it is something. So think of that water sign and how they splash everywhere; you are their structure. This will help them look at themselves. This young water sign, in particular, is struggling, and they are counting on you. You have the opportunity now to step up to the plate and help.

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Card 2: King of Cups

The adult version of the water sign. Watch out for that masculine energy (not necessarily a boy or a man, just that masculine energy); it’s a lot more alpha, a lot more aggressive, This person definitely has a handle on their emotions, as they have been working with it their entire life. With these water signs, they shut down their emotions, which can cause those diseases such as cancer etc, because they can’t outlet them. What you can do this week is give that water the opportunity to express, whatever way it feels natural to them. If they feel like doing something, push them to do it. They may express their emotions through it and have a better understanding of how to express themselves. I am always here to help, I live for this stuff.

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Card 3: The Chariot

Something we talk about quite often, which is your reputation and your integrity, These days everyone has a fear to express their truths, or speak their truth. Everyone is getting backlash, you see on the news. At the end of the day, you need to do what feels right. If it is important to you, change how you view it. You can stand back and see how you view things, to change it. Ask yourself the question, is my view legit? Look at your childhood beliefs, go back to everything that you’re linked to and see what it’s linked to is your parents, is it you. Are your views connected to you? That’s pretty much your advice for this week is to get real with yourself. Not who you think you should be but who you are. That is the truest form of courage is waking up and being yourself.

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