Card 1: Ace of Cups

If you are reading this on December 21st you should feel this incredible shift. What I encourage all of you to do is a small little moon ritual. Tap in with yourself. What is going with you? Take some time today for yourself.

This is a card of new feelings. Incredibility is pure but you have been feeling like you have to feel a certain way about a certain situation or person, but you have kind of been avoiding it. But now with this astrological event that has come in it has pumped the brakes and it’s time for you to deal with those feelings.

These feelings are not forced, these are true feelings, and there is a dove in the card so if you’re religious then you know that is the body of Christ. It’s coming to us from a higher source if you are religious. It’s unconditional love.

Card 2: King of Wands, The High Priestess

This is not easy! masculine fire signs, the deception you thought was right and, you betrayed your intuition and your high priestess energy, just to give the King of Wands the benefit of the doubt. You already knew they were deceiving you in some way you already thought, now you have to do some damage control to yourself and your intuition that you were right once again.

Card 3: 6 of cups, Strength 

This holiday week is all about giving apologies to everyone even if they don’t deserve it. It is a way to show how strong you are. As an example, seeing your racist uncle over the holidays, and apologize for him and on behalf of him to yourself. He doesn’t need to say sorry but you do it for yourself. They don’t have to acknowledge you, it’s just for your strength and who you are as a person. You’re accepting their apologies for your own well being that you never received. I chose to forgive, even if there was no apology given.