Card 1: King of Wands & the Justice Card

The King of Wands represents a masculine fire sign (Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius), and the Justice card represents karma. Everything that is happening with this masculine water sign is all part of that karma. In this situation with this masculine water sign, you have already learned the lesson in a past life. You have that hindsight, you just have to tap into it. It may be easy to fall into the same patterns, what will be more of a challenge is actually falling into a different pattern. Don’t take the easy route with what is happening with this water sign. Do what feels unnatural, because that will be part of the karmic lesson to clear the situation. 

Card 2: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card represents the positive side of a tower moment. Sometimes the wheel of fortune represents change, but it’s the change that you don’t need in order to make a change. You may be stressing over an upcoming phone call or some information that you are going to be receiving, and the wheel of fortune card is telling you that you can stop stressing about this. You can relax now, you don’t need to wait for that call or that information that says you have to make a change, the change is that you do not need a change. 

Card 3: 3 of Swords

3 energy is all about expressing your truth, and when we express our truth, of course, it’s going to hurt somebody. The reality check for you this week is that you are speaking from a broken heart, so as much as it’s your truth, your truth is rooted in pain. If you really want your truth to be spoken and to put out positivity and optimism, do the work to release the heartbreak and people will listen to you more. Speak truth that comes from a source of happiness and inspiration and not from a source of pain. Heal your heart by removing the swords and then speak your truth because you will get a lot further.

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