Card 1 – 10 of Cups 

Whatever you have been doing, keep up the good work. You’ve broken at least one generational curse, and everybody is happy. “The true wise man (or whomever), knows that the seed that they plant is not necessarily the shade that they’re going to receive from that tree when it does grow”. Right now you’re planting small seeds, and this week you’re going to get a very small glimpse of it. Maybe you see your toddler using their manners, maybe you’re able to afford a vacation, or anything else that is important to you. Small victories are having a greater impact on your future, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to see that impact. This week you will see a very small glimpse and it’s up to you to realize that you are responsible for that positive, beautiful moment.  Be proud of your small acts that are providing larger, positive ripple effects to the world. 

Card 2 – The Magician Card

The magician card is all about manifesting our desires. We all have a magician within us, and the fact that we haven’t been embracing that magician and allowing our power to dissipate out of our fingers is incredibly saddening. We are all magicians and we have powers. It’s about trusting the process and taking our wands and casting a spell with our emotions, feelings, speaking, and actions, and seeing it come into fruition. Relax, let go, and anticipate and expect it to come because we are magic in human form. This week you will get a small glimpse of that magic, so regardless of what comes into fruition this week, know that you created it and take responsibility whether it be positive or negative. Use this as ammunition to create things in your future that you truly want. 

Card 3 

There are a lot of conflicts in your subconscious from the past. You are going to need to use meditation, rest, and alone time to cut these cords. There is something in your past that never ends. Sometimes you think that you are over it but it always returns to haunt you, whether it be in a memory, a dream, etc., it keeps pulling you back because you haven’t yet cut the cords. Cut these energetic cords, which will not be a one-time cut. You must continuously cut through the layers one by one in order to rid this from your subconscious. In order to do this, you will need to be in the energy of rest and meditation, because these are very heavy cords to be cut.  

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