Card 1 – 7 of Pentacles

Your investments this week are going to pay off. Keep putting in the time and energy, and only invest into things that you are okay with losing. Though your investments this week will eventually pay off, you may not see this for some time. If you are thinking of pulling out of something that you have invested in, whether it be a relationship, the stock market, a business, etc., just stick with it and don’t pull out yet. Pulling back is signaling to the universe that you don’t have trust within yourself based on the decisions and the energy that you’ve put into a situation. 

Card 2 – 6 of Pentacles 

This card is face down, meaning it is something deeply rooted within your subconscious. Why do you feel that you constantly need to be giving? Why do you feel that when you walk into a situation you need to be the one to decide and make judgement on who gets what and how much they get? When do you just release and allow that control to dissipate? Sometimes when we walk into a situation and we want to give but we hold back, we end up screwing ourselves in the long run because we end up wishing we had put more energy into the situation. Go back to a time in your childhood where you felt like you had to decide who gets what and how much they get. This may have been about dividing your own energy up between your various tasks. It is time to pull this out of your subconscious and stop being the ‘tax man’ who decides who gets what in every situation. undefined

Card 3 – 8 of Cups 

The 8 of Cups is all about moving on with your power. It is much easier said than done to let go of and walk away from a situation. Letting go shows a lot of strength and power, but you do have these qualities and it is time to let go. Use astrology to find where your strengths are. This will give you insight on how you need to move on, and ensure that you are empowering yourself in the process instead of feeling like it’s a sacrifice.

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