Card 1: The High Priestess

You have incredible intuition but just can’t trust it. You come to readings only to have your intuitions confirmed. You continue to search for answers outside without searching within yourself. This is your week to test yourself. Instead of searching outside for answers, trust your intuition and act accordingly. If you have an intuition this week, honor it without having the facts, and prove that you are a strong, capable human being who is just disconnected from their source. 

Card 2: Ten of Swords

The 10 of Swords. This is not a card that you want to have. Sword energy is what you think about, so these are your thoughts that are keeping you pinned down. Monitor your thoughts this week and realize that they are only thoughts, not who you are. You are simply the one observing the thoughts. It is time to pull back from your thoughts, realize that they are negative, and let them go so that you can create new, more positive thoughts. 

Card 3: The Lovers

The Lovers card. There will be heightened domestic duties or responsibilities connected to a soul mate this week. These are not necessarily sexual and could be connected to a parent, child, or sibling. This person has something related to the number 9 and the letter R. This person really needs your attention and service this week. 

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