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Card 1

Hermit Card, Chariot Card, and Page of Swords 

You are in hermit mode right now. You are retreating from something that recently happened that was damaging to your ego or your reputation. This will all work out positively because we need to hermit in order to grow. A young air sign (Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini) is also affecting this hermit mode and how you are viewing yourself.The best thing about going inward and separating yourself from the world is that you fall back in love with yourself. You don’t have the influences of everybody else putting pressure on you, and you can really embrace being within your own energy. Embrace this week of hermit mode because it is going to make some great changes in your reputation and how you view yourself, which will in turn improve your relationship with this young air sign. 

Card 2

Queen of Swords

There is going to be some sort of message communicated to you through this feminine energy this week. The message may not necessarily be communicated directly from them. Maybe it is from your higher source and it reminds you of them. This will be a great week to release anything that is still stagnant from your relationship with this person, because unfortunately their opinion is sort of like a bull in a china shop. They come in and express their opinions without anyone asking them to, and it often creates damage. It is this person’s purpose to be speaking their truth, so if we can separate ourselves from the bluntness of it and just appreciate the fact that they are living up to their life purpose, we can then accept the message for what it is and gain the closure that we need in order to finish our karmic relationship with this Queen of Swords. 


Card 3

3 of Wands (face down)

This card is face down, meaning that it is very deeply rooted within your subconscious. The 3 of Wands is all about creation, and this is definitely a hard pill to swallow. As soon as we start manifesting and embracing the law of attraction, we have to take responsibility for everything else that we’ve manifested in our lives, including the negative. You are creating your life, whether good or bad. If you need rest, create time for it yourself before the universe conspires other ways that may not be very comfortable in order to fulfill that law of attraction manifestation that you’ve put out there. 

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