Card 1: You’re doing well

You are doing really well, and it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back. Libra season is all about other people. It is the opposite of Aries which is all about the individual. Libras’ energy turns us into doormats. People pleasing, doormats.

We never take a second to look at ourselves and as much as I needed that partner in order to start something new or be this fierce person, I still have that fierce energy within myself but the other person just compliments. This is now the week you need to look at everything you have accomplished regardless of the partnership that influenced your ability to accomplish. You still have done great things, it’s time to look at yourself, put your accomplishments up on the wall.

Start bragging, you have done so well. What it does, it signals to the Universe you are ready to bring in more accomplishments. If we don’t show gratitude for what we have accomplished and attained in our lifetime. The Universe will be like what is the point why give you more opportunities for success when you don’t have gratitude for the accomplished thus far. So this is your week for your accomplishments, I am an achiever,  I am a cardinal energy and start embracing that.

Regardless of the partnerships who helped you along the way.


Card 2:  Facedown Subconscious

Facedown card is your subconscious trying to protect you from it, from acknowledging you have to make a sacrifice. If it’s too heavy it’s harder to hold on than to let go. There is true strength in letting go. Especially in a relationship, ‘you have to fight for your man or marriage’. You want to put in energy to fight for your family. If it’s causing so much more pain and damage around you, let go. It’s more of a sacrifice and the Universe awards sacrifice. If you need help send me a message.


Card 3: Hermit

A Lot of alone time this week. It will feel awkward because we are in Libra season which is all about codependency, teamwork, partnership, harmony through partners, in this Hermit energy because you are in an energetic flow of partnership it is time to take time for yourself, do your inner work to see where you are going without a partner and other people and embrace that alone time.