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Under the deck this week we have the Star Card. This is giving an umbrella energy over this week no matter what card you chose. Looking at the star card we see optimism, positivity, and the sun shining on you this week. It is very easy to spot the darkness when you are living within the light. This week no matter what card you chose, look for those dark pockets, whether it be a comment from your mother that you find annoying, or something that your partner is doing to upset you. Whatever it may be, it will be very easy to spot those dark pockets this week because you will be living within the light. Don’t use this as a reason to get upset at these situations, but as a reason to bring that darkness in so that you can be the light shining in a dark room. 

Card 1

Queen of Cups (female water sign)

Water signs often feel as though they are the victim. They feel as though they have been polluted by others actions and that they are now left in charge of the detoxification process, which leaves them feeling trapped and resentful. This week is reminding you that that victim mentality was not always the case for this individual.

They were polluted against their will, and it is on us to give them compassion and grace. They are still free flowing and nourishing themself and others. Even plants will still receive hydration from a polluted lake or creek. The Queen of Cups is still doing what she needs to do regardless of the fact that she’s been polluted probably for her entire life. Give her grace and slack, and recognize that it is difficult for her to contain her emotions when people have been doing negative and non-considerate things to her for her entire life. 

Card 2

3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups represents fun and party time. This will be interesting this week along with the Star Card. Look at where the darkness lies in your habits and in your fun, because fun is only fun until it becomes too risky. This year being 2021 (5 universal energy), we are all striving for fun in a time where we are also being told to restrict ourselves and to not have too much fun.

We are just trying to have fun, and there is going to be darkness in the level of fun that we choose to have, whether this may be alcoholism, over drug use, hurting others, etc,. This is really that time to look at where you find your enjoyment, where you are having fun, and making sure that it is healthy and positive and light for everybody. Make sure that it is positive for your higher self, not just for the low vibration energy that you are trying to put out there. 


Card 3

8 of Wands

The 8 of Wands is all about new opportunities coming in, and it’s going to require really fast-paced decision-making. With the Star Card under the deck this week, this opportunity that’s coming in that’s going to require hasty decision-making is 100% going to be a positive one. Just go for it and take that risk. This is a situation where you’re going to be seeing that darkness. There may be people coming up to you and being unsupportive of your decision to go ahead with this opportunity. These are the people who are the brakes in your life, which can be great to have, but not when it’s causing your life to always be touch and go. You are in the driver’s seat of your life and if you find that other people are constantly putting the brake pedal on you and being that ‘back seat driver’, it could be time to get rid of these people in your life. 

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