Card 1

This is a great week for your family’s happiness. Kids will be laughing more, and your partner or whoever it may be will be more laid back and loving. This is an excellent opportunity to see how deserving you are. How much love and happiness will you accept? You may question if you feel loveable, appreciated, or if you deserve the love that others are showing you. Watch yourself over the next week to see if you are participating in the joy and happiness, or if you are finding yourself watching from the side and wishing it would stop. This is a good indicator of how worthy you feel that you are. 

Card 2

Support with a soul mate, over heartbreak causing lack of peace, worry, and stress. This means that the support you thought you would receive from your soulmate is causing you heartbreak. Their support will never be enough if you do not support yourself. You must always support yourself 100% before anyone else can support you. If you are expecting support from others and do not support yourself, you will suffer heartbreak, stress, sleepless nights, and worry. 

Card 3

All cards were facing down, meaning they are blocked in your subconscious. They read:

A message will be coming in this week that will be divine intervention (do not fight it). This message will create a massive shift for you whether it be positive, negative, internal, or external, and it will allow you to finally realize that you need to move on from something in the past that’s been holding you hostage. This is a situation that you cannot control and you must accept it.

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