I encourage you all to read the April General Reading There are a lot of connections here, so strongly suggest you take a look at that reading first. 

Card 1

The Hermit card

Did you take that week of independence and do what you needed to do and embrace this Aries energy and being alone? Let’s be honest, did you? Really embrace this time alone, and just relax. You always need to be alone and have some grace for yourself, say positive affirmations every morning, just take time for yourself.

Card 2

The Fool Card and The 5 of Pentacles

The 5 of Pentacles is the biggest obstacle to The Fool card, because it is about risk and it’s about not fearing or questioning yourself so that you stop. The Fool card will help you into taking that risk, look back to the first time you ever took a risk, what was it, what did you do? Look at how it turned out, that will give you insight on why you feel this way.

Change how that risk was if it was a negative risk like putting all your energy in good food and it turns out bad, a waste of money. That small risk turned out negative, but you can change the way things happen. 

Card 3

The Moon, The Seven of Wands, and The Queen of Cups

All these cards mean there is some type of confusion with the foundation of a female water sign. You are not seeing it clearly enough, it’s showing a false sense of foundation. You need to look back at this person on how they built their foundation, and rebuild it because it was false and change the legacy.