Card 1: 10 of Wands

Get ready to work, this week. This week you are just going to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Lots of responsibilities. Sometimes it’s good to have a lot of responsibilities because it shows your competence; not only are you needed and valued 100 percent. You are valuable if you have a lot of responsibilities, which means a lot of people rely on you. It’s also a really nice feeling to recognize you have purpose. To show appreciation to yourself, buy yourself some flowers, buy yourself something, reward yourself. Do something that gives you gratitude like that bath or something you want to do. First, give gratitude to yourself that you’re able and capable to even do these responsibilities. Also the gratitude of knowing this is helping other people. So give gratitude this week.

Card 2: The Moon

This Full Moon energy will be affecting you. There are 4 cards on top of the moon card. It creates that haziness but also enlightenment. It’s the new moon energy, I know it’s there but I can’t see it yet. You can’t deny what’s in front of you – there is no hiding the truth.  The 4 cards face down are blocking this truth that has been hidden for so long. That is conflict over money with a masculine air sign. Before making any big decision to seek professional advice – talk to a financial advisor or a lawyer. 

Card 3: Ace of Cups

New feelings coming to the surface, really starting to see things in a different light. These feelings are pure, this is like a puppy love energy, I haven’t felt this way since Kindergarten. Since I had that first crush, purest of purest. This new energy comes in so enjoy it. It feels great to feel great.