Card 1: Page of Pentacles

If you picked card number 1 this will be a little bit of a power balance with you and a young earth sign, with a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. You are really going to have to find your footing, and question why they have this struggle. They are young and more immature. I learned about young people or immature people who are stuck in that toddler stage of their life, sometimes they just need 10 minutes of undivided attention.

You’re not on your phone, or being distracted, you are giving your teenager your undivided attention whether it’s a video game, letting them decide what to do with your giving them undivided attention will give them such a shift in their behavior. Also, in your relationship with them, they are just trying to learn and pulling from you just to get a sense of everything, so just have compassion, give them grace in order to help them overcome what they are going through right now. 

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Card 2: 6 of Wands

6 of wands is all about support, it’s about being so domestically responsible. Doing everything that you possibly can in order to gain support. If you find it that you were running in circles, from doing the dishes to the laundry working from home and you’re just searching for that support you are never going to find it. Why, because you are actively looking for it in the wrong places.The support is only going to be coming from an internal space, for example, the fact that your legs have support and can stand in front of the sink that is your body supporting you. Your heart, emotions that you can feel the rush, the anxiety that is your blood system, your body supporting you.Go into your body, spirit and emotions and see how your body is supporting you. Instead of searching for it in person A, B or C. You will never find it there. If you’re finding it that you back hurts or there are pimples on your back, that is body telling you, that you need to feel supported.

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Card 3: The hermit, The Hierophant, 10 of Cups

This alone time that you are going through will allow you to uncover and understand a huge part of yourself, which will allow you to create that happiness and put it out into your family. Alone time is needed, embrace your alone time, embrace the isolation, use this time to search inward, we live in such a society that is always outward. Think of things to do like how can you consume yourself, learn to meditate, hypnosis, tap into more of your spiritual side. It will help you to uncover what it even means to have a happy family. We don’t know what we want until we actually think about what it is Ace of Wands

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