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Page of Pentacles

Within your subconscious this month is a young Page of Pentacles earth sign energy (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo). They will be highlighted in your subconscious this month because you have invested a lot into yourself in order to move forward with this person into a happy, healthy, abundant family.

The only thing that has been blocking this from happening recently is the realization that you already have this. You already have the world at your fingertips and all of the abundance that you could possibly need in order to create some really powerful shifts with this young earth sign. Opportunities will be coming up as soon as you recognize that you are on very fertile grounds. Imagine that you find out that you are pregnant, but you do not feel ready.

You feel like there is a long list of factors that make you unprepared, but no matter what, the baby is coming. You have to recognize that it doesn’t need to be perfect, that you have already been growing this baby inside of you, and that you have all of the abundance that you need in order to make this work. No matter what the situation may be, something is going to happen that will require very hasty decision-making. 


King of Wands

Consciously this month, you will be focusing on your relationship with a King of Wands (masculine fire sign either Leo, Aeries, or Sagittarius). Maybe this is a boss who has been hard on you and pushing you to do better. You feel that this is the reason why you feel like you need to work so hard at home in order to move forward and to have a happy family.

In reality, this King of Wands is not the reason why you feel like you need to work so hard. The real reason for this is that you feel like you need to constantly be working hard in order to create a happy family with the young earth sign. Realistically, this is only going to come out through your relationship with this King of Wands and what you’ve planned and prepared because of this King of Wands energy.

The obstacle and aid when it comes to your relationship with this King of Wands is your thought process, and the way you think about your relationship. Change your frame of mind when you think about this person. Tell yourself that when you think about them, you will not think about what they want from you or living up to their expectations and that you are not going to allow it to stress you out. Change the inner dialogue and realize that this is stemming from a conflict in the past that’s still not over. Often this conflict is with the King of Wands, or with another fire sign and the King of Wands is coming up as a pattern to clear that source once and for all. It will feel like you need to make a choice when it comes to your relationship with this King of Wands, but really the choice is to just change the way you think and feel about the relationship.


The Devil

There is also a lot of negativity surrounding family and friends this month, but sometimes we need to focus on the darkness in order to realize that we need to turn on the light switch. When it comes to family and friends this month, recognize that there is a lot of darkness and negativity, and that you have to be the one to turn on the light. There is a responsibility when it comes to manifestation and the law of attraction, and as lightworkers we have that responsibility to shine light in the darkest spaces, people, places, and things.


Queen of Wands

Hope and fear this month is the Queen of Wands (feminine fire sign either Leo, Aeries, or Sagittarius). There is a hope to have a closer relationship with this fire sign, but there is a fear as well. The reason that the King of Wands is on the surface this month is because of your fears and hopes surrounding your relationship with this Queen of Wands. You will find a lot of parallels between these fire signs. Finding these parallels and how they relate to you will help to clear the karmic debt that you have with both of them. 


The Empress

The outcome this month is The Empress Card, which is all about fertility and creative energy. Since you are unaware that you have been actively manifesting and you feel that you constantly need to be doing in order to be successful, you are going to have to make some sort of choice or decision that leads to sacrifice. You are going to have to let go of something. With this month being September, the peak of a universal 5 year, change is out of our control, but they are changes that we have manifested. These changes are a way of embracing and reminding ourselves of how free, or non-free, we are. When this change comes in, recognize that you did manifest it in some way, and also recognize that it is here as a way of showing you how free you are, or how free you are not. Then you can act accordingly. Essentially the outcome is creating a decision that has to be made. You created the situation, and now you have to make some sort of sacrifice by either letting go, moving on, apologizing, and so forth.