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As always, take a moment to tune into yourself, connect with your guides, and ask which message is most appropriate for you for the month of November: Message #1, #2, or #3. Of course, you may be drawn to more than one message. Feel free to fast forward the video to your chosen message.

  • Message #1 — 0:47
  • Message #2 — 5:50
  • Message #3 — 10:22

Spirit Guide Message #1

Looking Deeper

If you were drawn to Message #1, the card that came up is “Looking Deeper.” Go within for validation and answers, and to connect with the aspects of yourself that are always rising up to be acknowledged. Many of us were taught to disown and push away the “darker” aspects of ourselves — like our emotional expression to life. Anger, grief, or fear may be rising up from the past to be healed. Do not be afraid to look inside yourself. Everything that you discover is part of the Divine fabric of you, and nothing about you is bad, unacceptable, or unworthy. Think of the feelings rising up as little children clamoring for your attention and love. They just want to know that someone is seeing them. Pay attention to your feelings and love them when they arise. This is a month of deep healing. Enjoy the journey! You’ll find that these inner gems open new doors and new possibilities for growth in your life.


Spirit Guide Message #2

Embracing The Future

If you were drawn to Message #2, the card that came up is “Embracing the Future.” This message is about meeting your future with a sense of hope and optimism. Don’t make assumptions that your future is going to be a certain way, or that what awaits you is what you’ve experienced in the past. The future is new. Every moment is new. Stay in the present. When you’re confused about what path to be on, take a deep breath and don’t push yourself to make a decision. You are always on your path. Sometimes, it’s most healing to stay with your lack of clarity while maintaining faith and optimism about what’s possible. No matter what your past has been, your future can be heaven on earth.


Spirit Guide Message #3

Expecting Miracles

If you were drawn to Message #3, the card that came up is “Expecting Miracles.” Don’t pray or hope for miracles. Expect miracles! Tune into the part of you who still believes in magic and miracles, and dream your life. All kinds of opportunities are coming to you now. It’s as if the Divine is saying, “Stop pushing. You’ve done enough. Trust that I’ll take it from here.” Allow yourself to receive this month.

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