Capricorn New Moon

Now is when the New Year really starts!

If up until now, you’ve been caught in the backdraft of recent cosmic whirlwind events (since the last New Moon, we’ve seen a Solstice, major Galactic Centre conjunctions, Mercury’s redirection, a new Universal year, and a Super Moon!) now is the time to Slow. Right. Down.

This New Moon occurs at 02:17 GMT / 18:17 PST, at almost 27º of Capricorn, a rooted, earthy, and stable sign. At the time of this lunation, 6 planets are also moving through the sign of the sea goat: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all being held by this portion of the skies, so it’s a flavor that’s reverberating through the collective with intent.

The Sea Goat is Calling
Capricorn is tenacious.
Its visions peer far ahead and sky high but it’s an unflinchingly grounded sign.
Capricorn has time.
Capricorn has plans.
Capricorn has focus.

Capricorn New Moon’s Multi-Year Energy

If you haven’t yet looked further into this year than the next few weeks, this New Moon brings an incredible opportunity to set intentions for what you want to create long term.

Saturn will be transiting his home sign for around three years (read HERE for more about what this means) and the reach that this Capricorn New Moon offers may also last this long – the ripples of this lunation could flow as far at 2020!
But don’t let this daunt you.

Enquire Within

If you don’t yet know for sure what you want to call into your life (or are afraid of getting it ‘wrong’) focus this abundance of Capricornian energy into HOW you are being and not WHAT you are doing. To know what this means, you must delve into what makes you tick, what you believe, what you value and what life truly means for you.

At the time of this New Moon, dive into yourself (your deeper, truer, more often hidden self).

  • Who are you, beneath the surface?
  • What life-roles do you play? What life-roles do you want to play?
  • Which parts of your life matter most to you? Which parts of your life don’t you care for at all?
  • What do you treasure? What do you fear?
  • What path are you treading? What path do you want to tread?
  • Where do you want your efforts to align?
  • Where do you want your efforts to lead you?

Be thoughtful, not reactionary or lazy. Let your enquiry be sustained and heartfelt. Pose yourself the questions and let them mull, allow time for the answers to come, let them be revealed in the everyday moments of this dark, lunar time – what feels good? What doesn’t?

Let your HOWs Manifest your World

Capricorn creates structure, systems and frameworks to live by and these will align with whatever is at the forefront of your mind in any given moment. HOW you are being will shape your world, so your job under the influence of this Moon is not to try to create these structures, systems and frameworks. This will happen anyway. Your job is to ensure that when they manifest from the ether and become your life over the next weeks, months and years, what they align with is your truth.

So focus on HOW you are being, in whatever situations you find yourself in. Be your best possible self, and this will become your attracting principle!

Start slowly. Momentum will come by itself.

The Wisdom of your Ancestors

This New Moon is also a truly wonderful time to seek the wisdom of elders, and of your ancestral guides. The wisdom held within your lineage (both your bloodlines and your soul family) will contain many of the answers that Capricorn is demanding us all to find, as we’re being asked to combine Earth and Spirit in the highest possible ways.

The wisdom of this sign isn’t flighty or fashionable, its not fickle or uncertain. But it may demand courage to find. So seek some solitude … connect to your heart, as an opening to this ancient, rooted insight.

We’re playing the long game.

At the time of this New Moon, all planets are in forward motion (Uranus moved direct at the start of the year) so there’s no reason not to get to work!

Nothing is holding you back, so take one step at a time, and let each move you closer into alignment with your soul, your honour, your love and your truth.

How are you going to align with your best possible version over the next three years?
How will you use this Capricorn energy to seek your deepest values and your truth?
Do you have the courage to go there?!

Share below!
New Moon blessings to you,


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About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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