This month we have the King of Cups; a masculine water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces). This month is about focusing your energy towards this area, whether it be a spouse, father, ex, child, etc. 

In your subconscious, this month is heartbreak over something that you’ve created with a young earth sign that was karmically balanced. This is now blocking your ability to create something because you’re creating from a broken heart.

We also have deception in family, marriage, and home. There will be talking and betrayal when it comes to the words being spoken. The betrayal could be as small as somebody saying something that you find hurtful.

Also in your subconscious, this month is an overburden of responsibilities because you’re trying to get to a place of power and security. Intuitively you feel that you have to do this because of another young earth sign. 

Consciously we have the Devil card. This is the dark, shadowy side of relationships that we don’t really want to look at. We are chained to other people and this could be both a positive and a negative thing. We may feel peace in knowing that we are always connected with others, however it is when we latch onto these chains and feel powerless to them that it could become an issue.

This month, look at all of the ways that you are chained to relationships, how others influence your energy and all of the ways that you can’t sit within yourself and recognize what’s your energy vs. someone else’s.

 A lot of opportunities have come up for you in the past, but because of this devil energy, you weren’t able to even recognize them as opportunities. You saw them as commitments or responsibilities. The real obstacle and aid to this devil energy this month is the star card. This is about noticing that within every negative aspect there is also a positive aspect. 

Subconsciously, we have the Queen of Pentacles. This is the first negative energy you’ve had, maybe a mother, older sister, or teacher. This female energy has had to stitch their heart back together in the past, and because of this they are now holding onto their power. Once you clear the negativity from this relationship you will accomplish the 10 of Pentacles, which is your family having that power and security. 

The energy that you are putting out and receiving this month is the Ace of Swords. This is all about a new frame of mind and a new way of thinking. 

When it comes to your family and friends this month there’s the King of Pentacles, another masculine earth energy (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo). This is the opposite energy of the Queen of Pentacles. 

Hope and fear is the Hermit Card. If you are being forced into solitude this month, use it as a recognition that you have manifested this alone time. Just because it may not have come how you wanted it, utilize and enjoy the time. 

The outcome for June 2021 is that you’re going to be focused on finances, money, and hoarding your wealth. This comes from the Queen of Pentacles. Jot down everything you do surrounding money this month. Recognize what your thoughts and affirmations are surrounding money and wealth, and then you can make a plan to make a change. This is the month to focus on finances because finance is power, and power is what’s influencing your relationships.