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Did you have a rough June? July promises to be better.

Take a moment to connect inside, connect with yourself or your spirit guides, and ask which message is most appropriate for July: #1, #2, or #3. Feel free to fast forward to your particular message — or, if you’re pressed for time, scroll down to read your message below!

I’m using The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid for this reading.

Message #1 — :31
Message #2 — 4:41
Message #3 — 10:04

Drawn to Message #1?

If you were drawn to Message #1, the card that comes up is Ace of Water.

Aces are about new beginnings, and represent being at the beginning stage of something. This card is about abundance, fullness, love, and optimism. It’s a new emotional beginning.

My sense is that this energy of newness is coming from within you, and radiating out. Remember the love that you are, and share that with others. When you’re in touch with the hope and optimism and love that are, you are able to give that gift to others. This month is a good month for getting in touch with your Source, especially if you experienced hardship in June. There’s a dream inside you that wants to be expressed, and you have everything you need — the experience, the inspiration, and the dedication to nurture that dream and bring it into fullness.

Drawn to Message #2?

If you were drawn to message #2, the card that comes up is 7 of Fire.

This card is about standing in your truth and living life “your” way. You have permission to ignore the voices and opinions of others who don’t resonate with where you’re going. It takes courage to pinpoint those places where you feel pressured or obligated in your life, root those out, and start living in a way that feels most in alignment with you.

You are a unique manifestation of Creation, and you came here to be YOU, not someone else. It might feel uncomfortable to be yourself in a sea of people who have expectations that you’ll be like them, but it’s okay. You get to shine your light. When you have permission to truly be yourself, the voices of others fade into the night as your inner voice gets louder and clearer.

Drawn to Message #3

If you were drawn to message #3, two cards come up: Emperor and Star. The Star is about having faith in your dreams, and the Emperor is about taking very structured steps to achieve them.

Following rules and steps can either be very empowering or very limiting. Sometimes following rules gets us to where we want to go, and sometimes it limits where we can go. You will know whether it’s helping you move forward or limiting your freedom. You know much more than you think you know, and you can trust yourself.

Sometimes the Emperor represents someone in our lives who is controlling or has strong opinions. If this is the case, ask yourself whether it serves you to subscribe to their beliefs. One thing is clear: you have been through enough in your life to trust yourself.

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