Happy July everyone!

This month we are largely in the season of Cancer- the mother of the zodiac, moon-ruled, deeply feminine, and the cardinal water sign of feelings and emotions.

Here is a Tarot and Oracle reading to offer us advice on navigating the month ahead…

From the Tarot:

The Empress –

The main keyword here is Love, and the appearance of this card implies that this is a relevant theme for us collectively at this time.

The Empress is an embodiment of Divine Love, and we are advised to tap into this powerful and healing energy.

She is also Venus, so pleasure, sensuality, beauty and nature may also be themes to focus on.

The Empress represents abundance. She teaches us that love and abundance are connected because they hold the same energy. And when we tap into love, we can also tap into a flow of abundance in all its truest and highest forms.

She’s also the mother of the Tarot (just as Cancer is the mother of the zodiac). So we could explore: in what ways are you/ can you be nurturing and creative?

Fertility is implied here, so there is potential of pregnancy this month, as well as general fertile creativity.

2 of Wands/Dominion-

The keyword for this card is Expansion.

We are mid-way through 2017, and now is a good time to pause and reflect. Take stock of what you have done and accomplished thus far, and contemplate on how you’d like to continue this year. Decisions may need to be made on how to expand, and what your next steps will be as you take on the world. There is potential and creative power indicated here!

Queen of Swords-

There keyword for this card is Clarity. The Queen of Swords is known for her sharp perception, and she takes in and keenly observes her surroundings. We are advised to be like the Queen of Swords and find level-headed clarity.

There is also a message here to “keep your head in the clouds, but your feet on the ground”. We are advised to go ahead and dream, imagine and allow for inspiration, yet take action steps to materialise them and take into account what we can and need to do now, to achieve that goal.

From the Goddess Oracle deck:

Lady of Beasts/Relationship

Our goddess guide for the month is the Lady of Beasts, and her message for us is that one of the main themes for July is Relationships. For each of us, different kinds of relationships will be highlighted.

For some it will be romantic, for some it is friendships, etc. See and feel into which kind may be relevant for you this month.

Relationships offer us opportunities for personal expansion because they often serve as mirrors, reflecting us back to ourselves. This can be challenging because we may be confronted by aspects of ourselves that we do not want to face, but if we courageously look at them, we are able to heal and grow in profound ways.

For some of us, we may have relationships that would benefit from our attention and nourishment. And for some, unhealthy ones would be best to release at this time. See and feel into what your situation may be.

Potential for pregnancy is implied in this image, and relationships with animals and pets may be important at this time.

There is a sense of rawness, simplicity and wildness in this picture. Perhaps we need to “strip down” in some way this month. For example, this could be about “getting back to nature”, our intuition, sensuality and/or needing simplicity and truth in our life and relationships.

And the image of the moon’s phases here shows that acknowledging our cycles is important, and where we are within them. The moon is the ruler of Cancer, so its influence may be relevant for us in the weeks ahead.

So these are the insights that have come through!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great July!



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About Ellie Brucia

Ellie Brucia is a tarot & oracle card reader, sound healer and lover of plant magic. She has recently published a plant-based, magical cookbook called “Cooking Up Magic”. Also known as The Mer Priestess, she offers sound healing events in London and tarot readings for clients online and in-person that help to promote spiritual, personal development.

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