Welcome the amazing Aries Full Moon on September 24 (Americas) / 25 (Universal Time)!

This powerful lunation forms two conjunctions, one each with the Sun and Moon!

  • The Moon in Aries joins with Chiron opposite the Sun merged with Mercury in Libra – your love life and financial flow are healing as you open your HEART and share your GIFTS to create a balanced energy flow.
  • The other big event surrounding this full moon is the exact T-square created by the Sun and Moon with Saturn – with all three at .

If there was a lunation that focused on relationships it is this one!

 The number 2 symbolizes two people, or you and an entity, coming together, communicating, sharing energetically and creating balance.

And Saturn’s T-square to the Sun/Mercury opposite Moon/Chiron signifies that some part of your life is being re-organized as you take on more responsibilities.

Saturn Plays Its Part

Time to set boundaries

Setting boundaries is important any time Saturn is activated. Saturn rules the career sector in astrology – so, focusing on upgrading how you express your divine mission is another big theme.

Saturn holds us to TASK – making sure we’re fulfilling our responsibilities.

As always, the universe provides a harmonious transit to create balance – a way to easily channel any tension that arises from the Saturn T-Square.

In this case, we have MARS – ruler of this Aries Full Moon – creating a gorgeous trine to the Moon (and sextile to the Sun).

Mars, Moon and Sun Triangle

Good Vibes Abound

This triangle between Mars, Moon and Sun is highly significant. Mars is instilling us energetically with joy, momentum, excitement and direction.

With Mars just re-entering Aquarius, the sign of freedom, breakthroughs and the future, you feel GOOD about the work Saturn is inviting you to do.

You like it and are ready to roll up your sleeves!

A Powerful Combination

Mars invigorates and Saturn stabilizes

The combination invites you to focus fully on actualizing your goals by trusting your deep desire to initiate a permanent shift.

With Saturn still in that highly fortunate trine to Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, we have a beautiful synchronistic energy exchange.

You are being set free to attend to matters that put you on a high vibrational track and allow you to manifest lasting results.

The Aries Full Moon

A New Direction

Remember that Aries is the FIRST sign, and instills you energetically to try out a new direction.

The dynamics of this Aries full moon are preparing you to…

  • Bypass any inhibition to move forward with concentration and discipline.
  • Overcome the isolation you may be feeling (especially in your relationships).
  • Transcend any separation in your life.
  • Trust you’ve got what it takes to work and move steadily towards that new goal.

So be open and move forward!

Have a gorgeous Aries Full Moon.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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