Welcome to your February 2021 Reading. Unlike our weekly readings, this is a reading which works with a general energy.

The Hangman and Kind of Wands

These two cards come up this month which tell you that you need to focus on some sort of sacrifice, or letting go. This energy particularly comes up around a masculine energy (specifically Leo, Aries or Sagittarius). If you can’t think of a masculine energy which makes sense here, you need to think about a sacrifice about the energy within yourself. When it comes to impulsivity or independence, there may be something you need to let go of there.

Page of Pentacles

This energy also comes in, which represents a young earth sign, and it balances the energy of the first two cards. Introducing this grounding energy will actually help you let go of the impulsivity, over-optimism and need for constant independence.

Six Of Coins

Then, this will then bring you an opportunity to give back. Lately, you’ve been giving quite a bit but you need to question why you’re doing this, so you can reign in what you’re over-giving. This energy will help you say ‘enough is enough’. This month is all about telling yourself you’re going to hold onto things for yourself.

Seven of Swords

The reason you’re struggling a little this month is because there is some sort of deception in your life. This highlights one of the biggest reasons you have been over-giving – you’ve been telling yourself you’re not worthy of having what you want. You’re not really acknowledging this deception which is why it is affecting you so try to go back and figure out what it is. If you can’t figure out what it is, ask your Spirit Guides to show you in your dreams.

Then quite a few cards came up (face-down, meaning they are in your subconscious)…

  • Eight of Wands – You have a lot of opportunities coming your way if…
  • Ace of Swords – You change your frame of mind it will…
  • Wheel of Fortune – Create a huge shift…
  • The Devil – Over the negativity that you feel…
  • High Priestess – attached to your intuition.

Watch the video for your full February 2021 reading…


About Vannessa Williams

Vannessa’s purpose is to help people through spirituality, and she is passionate and motivated to inspire others. Vannessa is a CAAE Certified Astrologer, talented Tarot Reader and is currently on track to achieve her Doctor of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics. With a background in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Mediation, Vannessa uses a logical, positive, and uplifting approach to inspire positive relationships. Visit her website and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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