It is the last month of 2017!

Here is a Tarot reading to give us insights on how to navigate the weeks ahead as we move towards 2018…

Tarot Reading for December:

  • Eight of Swords
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • 2 of Swords

The Tarot message that has come through for this month is very short and simple. It is advising us to realize that we have produced many favorable things this year – more than we may be acknowledging, and to celebrate these accomplishments.

We are advised to “take off our blindfolds”, so that we may see these successes more clearly. Some of us may be having negative thoughts that are hindering us from appreciating our “harvests”. What we think, and how we choose to think is emphasized as a point of focus.

Reflect upon this year’s bounty, and have gratitude for it all. If you’d like, make an exercise of it and write a list of all your successes-big or little, inner or outer. Also, note what you’ve learned, what delightful moments you experienced, wonderful new people you met, etc. Through this exercise, you may realize the ways 2017 has been a blessed year for you.

For much of December, Mercury will be retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are not times to move forward as much as they are times to reflect, reassess and revise.Take some time this month to review your year in a spirit of celebration, and then contemplate on how you’d like to move forward into 2018.

From the “Spirit Cats” Oracle Deck by Nicole Piar:

December’s Theme: Vision

“Meet Stargazer. Some say her head is in the clouds, but the view is better from up there. She can see the big picture beyond our normal sight.

Take a step back and see your life through Stargazer’s eyes. What visions do you have for your life? They might appear fuzzy or absent if you are afraid of the actions they are calling you to take. Acknowledge those fears. Then ask them to step aside like parting clouds until you are able to truly see. Let your visions be a beacon calling you forth.”

The Sun is in Sagittarius for most of the month, and this is a sign of aligned aim for future endeavors. This influence, combined with Mercury retrograde, makes December a great time to reflect as we close the year and enter a new one. Take a step back to see the picture; what are the visions you’d like to bring forth? Then move towards them with clarity and courage.

Thank you for reading. Wishing you a December full of celebration and clarity!


Image above by Nicole Piar.

About Ellie Brucia

Ellie Brucia is a tarot & oracle card reader, sound healer and lover of plant magic. She has recently published a plant-based, magical cookbook called “Cooking Up Magic”. Also known as The Mer Priestess, she offers sound healing events in London and tarot readings for clients online and in-person that help to promote spiritual, personal development.

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