What chakra is being healed?

The chakra we are focusing on this week for healing is the 2nd Chakra which is about acceptance, honoring your feelings and the belief system: I deserve to be happy. To heal this chakra 1) eat oranges or use orange essential oil 2) drink plenty of water or take a hot bath and 3) pay attention to balance in your life especially this week. Wear or surround yourself with orange.

Where is my energy best spent this week?

Your energy is best spent paying attention to what you’re passionate about and being real, being authentic – true to yourself. So ask yourself: Are my daily actions supporting my real passion? How can I serve? How can I really step up and be that Lightworker, shine my light here on this planet right now?

Stay grounded this week, create that balance in your life make sure you’re getting enough “me time” balanced with work and family time and also follow your instincts. Your spiritual team is really trying to guide you into finding your passion and living it. Don’t let other people sway your judgment or don’t let them talk you out of something that you’re really connecting with and really wanting to move forward within your life.

This is a caution your spiritual team is coming in and saying this week, be careful sometimes we want to share our ideas with everybody around us and sometimes that can backfire on us because you get too many opinions or you get too much input and you can just end up getting confused and finding yourself on a path that you had no interest in. So it’s really important this week to stay grounded, trust your instincts, go inside and listen to your spiritual team.  Your team is guiding you they are very real, the information you’re hearing is real, it’s truth. Trust that.

It’s important this week to check in with yourself about whether or not you’re following your passion and also taking action. If you’re not following your passion it may be time to do some “recalculating” and get yourself back on track. But the key here is to DO something. Anything that moves you toward your happy. Sometimes that action might just be allowing time in your day for visualization because visualization can be the launching pad to bring more passion into your life.

When I was a teacher, I thought about if I didn’t teach what would I do? And so there were all kinds of things that ran through my mind and all kinds of things that I wanted in my next career that maybe I enjoyed in my teaching and things that I wanted to change. So we’ve all heard: if you don’t name it, you can’t claim it! Make sure you’re really clear about the direction that you want to move in and take that time to visualize that every single day and really feel how magnificent your life is as you bring that into your day.

Be careful not to keep that out into the future, don’t say my life’s going to be great when this happens. No, your life is great right now! Step into this happening right now, here today, bring that energy into this day.

In closing, get clear and take that daily action step even if it’s just one “piece” to create what it is that you desire. Remember you don’t have to see the whole staircase right now just do one thing and if it’s simply visualization or an affirmation getting your mind in the right place that’s a great first step. Have a beautiful and blessed day and may miracles surround you always.