Before you dive into this month’s spirit guide reading, take a moment to open your heart and receive the gift that waits for you here. Set the intent that there’s a gift waiting just for you — and receive it now. That gift might be something I say, it might be a picture on one of the cards, or it might be something, a thought or epiphany that comes to you later. Open your heart and accept that gift.

And now, take a moment to ask your intuition which message is perfect for you for the month of August: Message #1, #2, or #3 — and then feel free to fast forward to your specific message.

Message #1 — 1:22
Message #2 — 6:00
Message #3 — 9:42

I am using Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor for this reading.

PinPinDrawn to Message #1?

If you are drawn to message #1, the card that comes up is Caring Connections

Look at the relationships in your life. Do you currently have the unconditional support of the people around you? If not, it’s time to begin loving yourself unconditionally so that you draw those relationships to you. If you do have loving support, let yourself lean into it. Don’t feel that you have to be strong all the time. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help. Unconditional love equals acceptance of who you are in each moment. Unconditional love doesn’t criticize, judge or blame.

Drawn to Message#2?

If you are drawn to message #2, the card that comes up is Indecision

You may be feeling stuck at a crossroads, afraid to make a decision. Usually, when we feel stuck it’s because we are afraid that a decision we make will be “wrong.” Your guides want you to know that there are no wrong decisions. You can always re-evaluate a decision after you take action, and move in another direction if things aren’t working out the way you hoped. You are never stuck. Don’t allow fear of the unknown to paralyze you or stop you from moving forward in your life. Try something, and if you don’t like it, change it!

Drawn to Message#3?

If you are drawn to message #3, the card that comes up is Adjacent Possibilities

You really are a magical being with unlimited opportunities. If you’ve been pursuing a goal, a career, or a relationship that isn’t manifesting, don’t continue standing at that closed door. Instead, be open to seeing all the other doors that are open in your life — and move through them. There may be open doors that you just aren’t seeing because you’ve been fixated on the one that won’t open. Look around, and allow other options to become visible.

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