Get ready! August is the most potent month of the year! The spiritual energies are SUPERCHARGED. This is an extraordinary time of transformation. The intentions and actions you set in motion now will impact the rest of the year, and most likely several years to come.


Eclipses always bring about major changes. They can have immense healing power, because they reveal deeply buried emotions and insights that can set you free. Deep truths will be revealed to you. Remember, the truth will set you free.


In additional to the eclipses, many of our planets will be in retrograde, including Mercury. This is no ordinary convergence of events in the cosmos. These astrological aspects are designed to get you in tune with your intuition in big way.

In this forecast, you’ll learn the many twist and turns this month has ahead of you, and how to navigate this tricky spiritual terrain like a rock star.

Have an awesome August!